5 Easy Ways to Let People Know About Your Facebook Fan Page


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Here are two of the most common questions I get from small business owners when it comes to Facebook:

1) How can I separate my personal information from my professional?


2) What is the best way bring attention to my business and engage others?

The answer is simple–you can achieve both by having a Facebook “Fan Page.”

A Fan Page is just a public profile that allows you to share information about your services or products with others on Facebook. Pages are great for creating buzz and for exposing your business to an ever-increasing circle of Facebook users.

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However, a frequent complaint I hear from those with Fan Pages is how little Facebook does to allow you to connect your personal profile to your Fan Page.

Obviously, you want your Facebook friends to know that you also have a Page, so how can you encourage them to go there and hopefully become a fan?

Here are a few simple ways:

1) Use “Suggest to Friends” link underneath the photo on your Page. This allows you to send your Facebook friends an invitation to support you as a Fan.

2) Use the “Share” button on the bottom left under where it says “Create a Page for My Business.” This allows you to either post your Page info to your personal profile or send a message about your Page to others.

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3) Click the link under your Fan Page picture that says “Add Fan Box to Your Site.” A Fan Box allows you to embed the most recent activity from your Page right in your blog or website. Facebook will generate the code and all you need to do is copy and paste. When someone clicks on the Box, they can become a Fan right from your site.

4) Use the Custom Profile Box application to add a section to your personal profile that directs others to your Page. I used this application to link an image (a Facebook icon) to my Page. Above the image I added the message “Visit my fan page!”

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5) Use the text box provided under your personal profile picture to add a blurb letting others know that you also have a Fan Page and include the URL to your page. (Once you have 100 fans you are eligible for a vanity URL for your Page at Facebook.com/username.)

Start implementing these tips to encourage people to come visit your Page. When others become fans and interact with your Page, this activity will be visible to their friends via the News Feed. Soon, this viral effect will send lots of new, curious eyeballs to your Fan Page–and you’ll be growing your fan base in no time!

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