500 Firepaper – automatically change your phone’s background with beautiful photography.


Bored of those old  wallpaper that you see everyday? If so, you are at the right place. Today we will be talking on how to get high-res wallpapers that change continuously automatically. The app we will be using  is “500 firepaper” by CHAINFIRE, the guy behind SUPERSU .


  1. First of all, get the app from this link.
  2. Now open the APP and it will ask you to configure the app with required settings, do it(just follow the instructions)
  3. And you are ready to go. YES! these were the only two things needed.



  • Now guys, you will have a lot of choices to choose from, there are wallpapers for people of every taste.
  • Not only the app have a lot of choices of wallpaper, you also have a lot of settings, like blur, brightness, you can even set all images to be in greyscale i.e black and white,
  • Option for parallax effect is also available.
  • You can also set the update interval for LIVE wallpaper as well as daydream.
  • Don’t like a particular wallpaper? Change it directly by tapping the wallpaper with 3 fingers.
  • Set the minimum and maximum cache size.
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screenshot_1110225125  screenshot_1110225323  screenshot_1110225337  screenshot_1110225247

*some screenshots of the settings from the app.

Now guys, i hope you liked this app. Go and impress your friends with the changing and high-res wallpapers and don’t forget to share this post. Any other app that you would like to suggest? Just comment below. If you have any problem? Reach us in the contact us tab or comment below.

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