Heyaa capstricks.net back with 6 COOL INTERNET TRICKS

We all use INTERNET and the services it provides, be it for gaming, YouTube, social media , random google searching, , buying stuff etc.  So today we are here with 6 cool internet tricks you should know.

Download a copy of your Facebook data

Everyday you post pictures , updates and things important to you on Facebook. If you think about it , you are basically writing the story of your life as you go. Now it would be quite cool if you can download a copy of all those posts and happenings for yourself. Yes, its possible, just head over to settings then in general tab, the last option is of downloading a copy of your FB data.ss1

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Capture screen on the go.

capturing screen can be a great way of saving receipts, pictures you cant download etc.

On MAC=> just hold shift+command+4 and drag your mouse to select the area you wanna select, as soon as your finger lifts from the button of your mouse, you will get that screen captured and saved on your desktop.

On PC– just press the print screen or PRTSC button and then open any software like paint and click ctrl+V. then save your screen.

prtsc button

Protect yourself when using public computer to access internet.

Many people use public computers like in cafes to access internet, but it can be dangerous sometime if someone gets hold of your private info. the simplest method to save yourself from this problem is to use private mode or incognito mode available in most of the browsers, it wont save any type of cookies, passwords and thus save you from unwanted problems.

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Play game of snakes while waiting for YouTube video to buffer.

waiting for YouTube video to buffer can be hell annoying, but you can play a game of snakes by clicking the down arrow while the video buffers.

Make google do a barrel roll.

Google can do much more than you think. Just go to google.com and search do a barrel roll and google will do it for ya.



Make YouTube do a Harlem shake. 

just open YouTube and search do the Harlem shake n see YouTube Harlem shaking.

harlem shake

So guys, these were 6 cool internet tricks you can try.

if there are some more which you would like to see in our next post please comment below.

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