Theme your Android Phone to look like Sony Xperia’s UI


Topic- Android Phone look like Sony Xperia UI

Hey Guys I Brought an awesome and simple trick to convert your Android Phone look like Sony Xperia UI

Yes, now its easy to make your android look like very similar to a Sony Xperia Phone..

Android Phone to look like Sony Xperia UI

If you didn’t have Sony phone then also you can do it easily in Any android running on v4.4+ Android Operating System(AOSP).
Just you have to download and install the following APKs. And by running all these apps you can experience almost all type of features of Xperia…

Download From Below:
Android APKs :

1.Xperia Home (launcher): Click Here

2.Walkman Xperia Music Player: Click Here

3.Xperia Album(Gallery): Click Here

4.Xperia Photo Editor: Click Here

5.Xperia Video Player: Click Here

6.Xperia Keybord Apk: Click Here

7.Xperia Wigets: Click Here

8.Xperia Calender: Click Here

9.Xperia Weather: Click Here

10.Xperia Movie Creator: Click Here

11.Xperia Clock: Click Here

12.Xperia Email: Click Here

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