How to Remove Daily Data Limit in Reliance Jio {working 2016-2017}


heyaa guys back and this time with a trick to bypass daily data limit on your reliance jio 4g . As we all know jio extended their offer till march with daily 1 gb limit So capstricks team also found a simple trick to bypass that limit so without wasting time lets make our jio internet unlimited.remove data limit  jio


Remove Jio 4 GB/1 GB Daily Data Limit

  1. In Your 4G handset Go to Mobile settings and select Jio sim.
  2. Go to APN setting and select Jionet APN.
  3. Keep APN protocol ipv4/ipv6 .
  4. Start using Internet data till 3.6 GB (500-400 MB should be remain).
  5. Add any youtube playlist to to download on your Download Manger (more than 1 GB).
  6. Now Download multiple big file simultaneously (approx 4-6 files)
  7. your net will stop working even you will have 100 MB left.
  8. NOW try to resume other files.
  9. If your downloading start don’t stop trick will work else follow 10th step.
  10. Now change APN protocol ipv4/ipv6 to ipv6
  11. Open facebook,youtube,google (Bcz these sites work with IPV6)
  12. consume 50-60 MB data then restart your mobile OR reconnect modem
  13. now consume 6-8 MB.
  14. change APN protocol Ipv6 to ipv4/ipv6
  15. Again Start Downloading multiple files.
  16. Yepee ! You have successfully Bypass 4 GB limit Now download surf again as much as u like.
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