C++ PROGRAM TO ILLUSTRATE THE USE OF Float datatype,convert temp in fahr from celsius – tutorial 5


heyaa guysss capstricks.net and today day one and we juz progressed to 5 programs key to learn programming is to try and understyand codes again and again and yes you will not able to get these codes if you just started for the rookies i will WRITE FROM THE basics with all the definitions functrions and rules of programming in c++ but for now lets see how to change temperature from celsius to fahreniet



void main()

float cent,fahr;

cout<<“enter the temp in celcius n”;


fahr=1.8*cent = 32;

cout<<“temp in fahr is”<<fahr;



enter temp in cesius


temp in fahr is 94
wohooo now time to revise what we all done today so before proceeding further do some homework write codes again and again so that you able to revise diff  datatypes and functions which we used and with next tutorial 6 we will proceed tommorow so bookmark us like us and share us people in class 11 and 12 going to love all these handy codes as these are the main codes of cbse computer science syllabus cyaa in the next tutorial 🙂

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