How to Change Color of The Folder?


In today’s article we will ‘How to Change Color of The Folder?’. Today, many software is available on the Internet that can ‘customize your computer’ in an efficient manner that it seems very attractive and it is very easy to use. We always want our computer to be clean and well organized so that whenever we have to reach something or find a particular file / folder in our computer, we can easily find it.

Just like that, here I am going to share a software through which you can easily assign your favorite colors easily to your desired folders so that they can easily get the difference and the access is easy.

How to Change Color of The Folder?

Step 1: First of all download and install the software FolderColorizer of size 1.1MB (Virus and ransomware free). 

Step 2: Now after installing the software, just right-click on any folder, which you want to customize here, when you right-click on the folder, you will see a new option in the menu, Colorize! Now just go to that option and a submenu will appear. Now select any color you want to assign to this folder.

Although it is a free software for everyone to use it, but when you first use this software, it will only ask your email id for the activation of this software. But there is no need to worry because you do not need to confirm activation by entering your e-mail account. Even if you do not want to share your e-mail id with the developers of this software, you can do this because after entering any email ID, the product will be activated automatically if you wish Any duplicate ID can also be filed.

For your convenience, I am providing you a screenshot of the above process to change the folder color:


In this way you will be able to easily organize the folders in your drive weather, C:, D: or any other drive. You can give different folders different colors in the same drive to make it look more attractive and cool.

So, follow the steps and decorate your computer screen. Hope you like the article ‘How to Change Color of The Folder?’, share it with your friends too! If you have any problem please leave a comment in comment box.

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