Change your WhatsApp number to a USA based one.



After reading the title, many of you would have started thinking that I am a idiot or something but guys, Trust me it is true as is this earth and the pollution on it. Now guys, its not some super complex thing. Any person can do that. Just follow the below steps and enjoy trolling your friends, family or just for the sake of privacy.whatsapp


  • Will give you more privacy.
  • Your number won’t be traceable.
  • It’s american number, would be cool to have!(Atleast i think)

How to change your number to that of USA-

1)First of all download the app named “PRIMO” for android from here , for apple here.

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2)After installing open the app, create a new account. Then verify your number, the app will send an OTP to verify your number.

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3)After verifying number, swipe from left and click on MY ACCOUNT, there type your email and verify it.

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4)Then again swipe from left and at the bottom you will see your american number.


5)Now, remember , copy or just screenshot this number.

6)Next,open settings>app management>whats app and clear data.

7)Open WhatsApp and enter your the number you got from PRIMO app.

8)Now click on Verify and click on call me. You will receive a call on PRIMO with your verification code in it.

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9)Enter the code in WhatsApp and enjoy.

I hope you guys liked this trick , if so share with your friends. Any problems? Contact in comments below. And please also mention on what topic our next trick should be!


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