Cheapest offer – Get free .com domain with unlimited hosting for Rs1000 a year


So , guys how many of you have a plan of starting a website? But always stopped yourself looking at those big expenses. Now don’t let those expenses kill the blogger in you. We at are also like you, we understand this problem and here to help you to get your wordpress site at the cheapest rate possible.Get


Okay there are so many available options out there, why should you choose us? Well, an average website without a doubt will cost 10000 rupees+ per year. But we will provide you a wordpress website for a cost as minimum as 1000 rupees per year. Sounds unbelievable right? But no, we have been at your position and understand that feel when you want to do something but can’t. That’s why we are here with this special offer.

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Now you might be thinking, what will we provide you for 1000 rupees. Here is a list of some of the things we will be providing-

  • Free .com domain- yep, you read it right. No need to check again. We will be providing a free .com domain.


  • Unlimited Hosting – You thought only Mukesh Ambani is generous? Nope we are tooo! We will provide you unlimited hosting in this minimal price.


  • Unlimited bandwith – First of all, we have to establish one thing here. I’m not necessarily talking about bandwidth in the sense of speed of transmission or data transmission rate (bits/second), which is the correct definition for the term “bandwidth”. I’m mainly talking about the so called bandwidth which measures the total amount of transmitted data (bits). There will be no bandwith limits, so that your website runs hassle free.
  • 3 sub domains – You will get additional 3 sub domains with your site to categorise your site Like we did,, Or you can use your sub domain to redirect you to particular post or page like facebook.
  • Get 1 custom email- We will also provide you with one custom email. For example – you buy a domain , we will give you an email like
  • A month’s service – We can maintain(If you wish too) your website’s security and all other functioning for 1 month, so that your after experience is hiccup free.This was just a brief idea, there are many more features. Contact us on details given below to know everything.
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  1. We will also provide free SSL along with SEO.
  2. Server file maintenance every month

Now , I will like to tell you guys this is a limited time pricing. Hurry up, tell your friends/family members if some wish to have a website. We will do our best to give you the best service available. Again the base pricing is only 1000 rupees. While each new feature adds some money. If you are interested here are our contact details-

Email us @-




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