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Key Performance Indicator in short KPI is defined as a performance metric or measurable value that illustrates the effective functioning of any organization. KPI indeed a success measure of an organization as well as an individual in meeting short term and long term business requirements.

It is very easy to draw conclusions based on graphical representations rather than statistical data. Hence most of the organizations prefer to go with some standard KPI dashboard excel templates, out of which some are free and some are paid.

Free KPI templates have a lot of limitations and hence suitable for startups, whereas paid KPI templates are worth providing a lot of KPI metrics related to various departments of an organization. KPI examples include multiple dashboards related to departments like sales, marketing, manufacturing, IT operations, supply chain managements and other governmental projects/operations.

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KPI Examples / KPI Metrics

There are various Key Performance Indicators on which most of the organizations measure the success. Let us peep into some top rated departments in any organization which should use the following KPI metrics.

  • Financial KPI Examples / Financial Metrics

    • Cost Effectiveness
    • Cost of goods sold
    • DSO (Day Sales Outstanding)
    • Sales by Region
  • Customer KPI Examples / Customer Metrics

    • Number of customers
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Customer retention
    • Customer lifetime value
  • Process KPI Examples / Process Metrics

    • Customer Support Requests
    • LOB (Line Of Business) efficiency
    • Number of defected products
  • People KPI Examples/ People Metrics

    • ETR [Employee Turnover Ratio]
    • Employee satisfaction
  • Project management KPI Examples / Project Management Metrics

    • Project resource utilization
    • Measure of tasks completed
    • Measure of deferred projects
    • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Marketing KPI examples / Marketing Metrics

    • MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads)
    • SAL (Sales Accepted Leads)
    • Traffic from organic search
    • CTR (Click Through Rate) on website

Read more about the KPI examples / KPI metrics on Clear Point Strategy and Scoro

KPI Dashboard Excel Template

KPI Dashboard Excel Template is the high-level graphical representation of the key metrics which need to be discussed in the quarterly/half-yearly/annual gathering of all the executives. The KPI dashboard depicts the revenue generators, revenue loss, profit margin, utilization of resources and much more which have a striking impact in a financial year.

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No matter whether it is a pie chart or bar graph or any other pictorial representation of any Key performance indicator, the KPI dashboard illustrates all the key factors and its contribution to the profit/loss of an organization. In short KPI dashboard is a blend of multiple individual KPIs.

KPI Dashboard Excel Templates Download Links are provided below:

KPI Dashboard Template

Sales Management KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Project Management KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Product Metrics KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Project Portfolio KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Executive KPI Dashboard Excel Template

KPI Business KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Financial KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Lead Generation KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Marketing KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Social Media KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Digital Marketing KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Email Marketing KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Development Operations KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Insurance Claims KPI Dashboard Excel Template

HR KPI Dashboard Excel Template

E-commerce KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Support KPI Dashboard Excel Template

SEO KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Supply Chain KPI Dashboard Excel Template

Advantages of KPI Dashboard Excel template

  • Hitting bull’s eye: Since KPI dashboard gives very sharp and accurate blend of only required individual KPI, the executives stay more focused during the discussion.
  • Time Saver: Since it’s more goal oriented, the KPI Dashboard Excel template is an excellent time saver.
  • Quick reaction: Since it’s a graphical representation, it is very to draw striking conclusions without taking much time.
  • Marketing vs Sales: It is very easy to keep track of cost spending on marketing and amount of sales happening in return with this KPI dashboard. Hence analysis became pretty simple.

KPI Dashboard Excel Templates and Classification

KPI Dashboard Excel templates are widely used at an organizational level. The classification of KPI dashboard excel template can be broadly divided based on the functionality and industry.

Based on functionality, the KPI dashboard excel templates are divided as below

  1. Management
  2. Finance
  3. Sales
  4. Marketing
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Based on industry, the KPI dashboard excel templates are divided as below

  1. Health-care
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Logistics
  4. Retail

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See the in detail classification and KPI templates at Datapine

Irrespective of the functionality and industry, the KPI dashboard excel templates can be classified as

  1. Beginner KPI Dashboard Excel Template: In beginner KPI template, the formula includes the measure of target and measure of actual depending on the source of data found.
  2. Mid-Level KPI Dashboard Excel Template: In this KPI template, instead of finding the data source, the dashboard will check for the exact source of information which is consistent. The added feature for this kind of dashboard template is RAG [Red, Amber, and Green] status.  As per this, target reached will be Green, 90% target reached will be Yellow and anything below 90% will be in Red as it indicates a threat to the survival of an organization.
  3. Advanced KPI Dashboard Excel Template: Apart from everything which is done in Mide-level KPI, advanced KPI requires more charting during the application of a formula. This makes it more authoritative compared to other two counterparts. The advanced version of KPI template excel dashboard is highly recommended for executives in an esteemed organization.

Marketing KPIs one should never forget

One of the most important aspects of any business is to reach targeted people. The business which succeeds in reaching the people and converts them into high-quality customers can sustain for a longer duration. For this to happen one should keep track on following marketing KPI templates and need to analyze them well to succeed.

  • Sales Growth
  • Leads
  • LTV (Life Time Value) of customer [LTV = Revenue X Growth Margin X Avg of repeated purchases]
  • COCA (Cost of Customer Acquisition)
  • Response time of sales team
  • Traffic to lead conversion
  • MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead)
  • SQL (Sales Qualified Lead)
  • Quote
  • Closed Customer
  • Media outreach
  • Engagement with customers

Digital Marketing KPIs – Trending

Yes, it’s trending. Before you think of entering into digital marketing, your competitor might have already stepped in. So, never hesitate to take a chance ahead of your competitors. The R&D (Research and Development) team have come out with the splendid list of KPIs dashboard which improves the productivity. Here is the comprehensive list of digital marketing KPI templates which you should never deny

  • Unique Visitors Count
  • Opted Subscribers
  • Returning visitors
  • Most viewed pages
  • Interlinking inside a page
  • Total time spent
  • Downloading articles in pdf and other formats
  • Buying product
  • Convert readers to members
  • Recommendation or final verdict
  • Positive comments
  • Conversion rate
  • Market Share
  • Brand Score
  • SER (Search Engine Ranking)
  • Social Networking
  • Cost per sale
  • Total Revenue
  • Net Income
  • Net Profit
  • Total Sales
  • EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Tax)
  • ROI (Return on Investment)
  • On time delivery
  • System downtime
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Win-Win KPI for Sales

KPIs for sales and marketing executives are of top priority in analyzing the sales of either products or services. Out of many sales KPI dashboard templates, the following are the must track ones which no executive or manager is not supposed to neglect.

  • Monthly sales
  • Average Profit Margin
  • Cost of sale
  • Booking of Sales
  • MQL to SQL ratio
  • SQL to conversion rate
  • Quote to close ratio
  • Product performance
  • Sales by contact
  • Opportunity funnel
  • Lead response time


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By now, you got the complete details of what KPIs are and how KPI dashboard excel template works in a real-time business scenario. Follow Geek dashboard for further tech updates. Take a moment and let us know your queries as well as appreciations in the comments section.

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