Topic- EVERY PC KEYBOARD SHORTCUT YOU’LL EVER NEED- Yep you heard it right 2016 pc keyboard shortcuts for windows which can make your work time by half so try once every shortcuts given down below….. 🙂  these life hacks will surely going to help you with your daily life….. you sure going to love it….. so have a try below 🙂

Cut, copy, paste, and undo

Control + X, C, V and Z, respectively

Quit your open program

ALT + F4

Lock your computer screen

Windows Logo + L

Close your current window

ALT + F4

Select All 

Control + A

Find a word or phrase

Control + F

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Jump to the browser bar 

Control + L

Redo the last operation

Ctrl + Y


Open the start menu

Control + Escape

Alternate between programs

ALT + Tab

Open up task manager

Control + Shift + Escape

Delete an item permanently

Shift + Delete
And bypass sending it to the recycle bin.

Minimize open windows

Windows Logo + M

Clear applications to reveal the desktop

Windows Logo + D

Compare two documents side by side

Windows Logo + left arrow or right arrow

Got any we may have missed? Sound off in the comments below!


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