How to Dual Boot ROMs on Your Android Phone


Multiboot most of you familiar with this term and many of you even tried to boot two or more operating systems on their windows but what if i tell you You can also dual boot custom roms on your android device yes i am not joking.In this post you can learn how to get multiple roms on your android device

What if you can Dual boot in Android?

This is something you might have heard for the first time running multiple ROM on your Android device. I know many of them might be familiar to this term and some of them might not be knowing about this thing.

This is the reason, I will be telling you the way you can install multiple ROM on your device. Most of times we take the help of GRUB Loader in windows and in Android we will be taking the help of MultiROM Manager app from Play Store.

multi rom dualboot


  • Custom ROM that supports Multi-ROM
  • Rooted Android Device
  • Multi-ROM Manager
  • Multi-ROM Supported Device: XDA Forums
  • Complete Backup
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How to Dual Boot Multiple ROMs on Your Android Phone

  • Download and Install Multi-ROM Manager application from Play Store
    MultiROM ManagerMultiROM Manager
    Installs, updates and manages MultiROM, the multiboot modification.
  • Now, the application will ask for root permission just click on Grant.
  • You will checkout options such as Multi-ROM, Recovery, Kernel. Just select all the options as given in the screenshot below.multi rom manager step two
  • Now, in kernel you will see a dropdown list in which you need to select the kernel of your stock ROM. Just select the kernel of your choice. In my case I am using CM 13 so I am choosing CM 13.
  • Now, simply click on Install Button and the custom recovery and the new kernel patch will be downloaded in your Device. You don’t need to do anything. Just simply wait till the process is done.
  • After installation the application will ask for a Reboot. You need to Reboot your device and it will boot into a grub like manager application.
  • Simply click on anywhere on the screen when it shows 5 seconds boot time.
  • Now, swipe in the right in MISC and there you will see an option to reboot your phone into recovery.
  • Now, your phone will be loaded into recovery and this is totally customized recovery here the main task is done.If you have reached till here then you are doing really a great job till now. Now, you are going to add another custom ROM in your device.
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How to Add Another ROM in Your Phone

  • Now, you are in the Multi-ROM customized recovery. Click on Multi-ROM.
  • Now, you can manage here all the ROM and click on Add ROM.
  • Select ROM Type as Android and location Internal Memory.
  • There in your SD Card you need to search for your ROM which you are installing make sure that you don’t wipe your phone data.
  • Select the ROM and Swipe the slider in Right and done. The installation process will be started.
  • Now, if it is done. Reboot your phone and it will ask you to select your favourite ROM you need to choose.
  • If you will click on Internal it will boot your old ROM and if you will click on another ROM then it will boot into your new ROM.
  • If when you click on Internal and your old ROM is not booting up then the ROM is not supported for Multi-ROM. Then you will end up loosing your data.
  • That’s all folks you have successfully installed multiple ROM in your device. It’s time to brag and show the amazing feature working in your smartphone.
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