How to Schedule Whatsapp Message


How frustrating is that when you forget to wish someone on their birthday or anniversary or other special events? No matter what the reason is, the person is gonna be pissed of from you for several days. But not from now on , back with a trick on how you can schedule whatsapp message, so as the message will be sent automatically without any manual interaction. We will be using an app named “Scheduler for WhatsApp” developed by infinite_lab.


  1. First of all download the app from play store from this link.
  2. After downloading you guys will see an interface like this-
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screenshot_20161109-185117   3) When you will open the app for the first time, it will ask you to enable accessibility settings to “SCHEDULER FOR WHATSAPP”

screenshot_20161109-185101    screenshot_20161109-185105

4) After enabling accessibility settings, click on the plus button as can be seen in the above screenshot.

5) Now you will get the interface where you can select the recipient name(the person whom you want to send the message), you can set date,you can even set frequency and in the last can type your message.


6) After filling the information, just click on CREATE button. You will see a tab in the first window when you open app.

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7) That’s it, now just sit back and relax, you message will be sent automatically by this app. Make sure your data is on!

So, i hope this trick will be useful for you in the future.if this trick able to help you in anyway feel free to like and share 🙂


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