How to Unblock Restricted Internet at College/School


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How to Unblock Restricted Internet at School/Colleges/Offices for Unlimited Access
How to Unblock Restricted Internet at School/Colleges/Offices for Unlimited Access

Just got an idea of sharing of this thing as the title is very clear that we will be sharing a trick for unblocking you internet connections at schools/colleges. Many of have seen a restricted access in our schools in which you can only access school / college / Offices websites and none of the other pages can be accessed with that internet connection.

We have also experienced the same when I was in college we were only allowed access our website and none all others pages are redirected to the same home page url.

Let me quickly give overview of the this trick :

Who can use this trick ?

–Well this can be used by all the users who can access the page of organisations for free without
any internet pack , basically you can find these type of free pages at schools, colleges so this suits the best for students.

It’s a similar trick like Proxy / Tcp Tricks ?

–Yep it’s a same and similar tricks and the trick used in to get access the internet is proxy


It’s can be used unlimited or has a limited internet access ?

-It’s a good news for you if you fall in  a criteria of having a free page of limited access of even a single page you will be getting a unlimited access.

How to Unblock Restricted Internet at School/Colleges/Offices for Unlimited Access :

First connect your device to restricted internet connection it can be your laptop / mobile with WiFi or Ethernet Lan connection

Check out for which page opens normally by opening

Enter url : you will be automatically redirected to default page If the above page isn’t opening try to open college / school / organisations If you pass all be above page go for below page if not find the free page that can open with that connection.

Setting to use this trick in PC / Laptop:

  • Prefer using Chrome , Open Google Chrome Paster this url : chrome://settings/search#proxy

  • Now Click on Change Proxy settings >> Lan Settings >> Proxy Settings >> Paste the below address

  • Follow the Screen shots provided below

  • On Address : | Port : 80

  • Save Settings

  • Now Type your free page url on google chrome

  • Bang  !! If you aregetting the below displayed page you are almost done

  • Now type page and wait for open

  • After opening google page enjoy all internet pages for freeunlimited internet for browsing and unlimited downloads

  • All Done ! You have bypassed your school , college ,organisation .

Unblock Restricted Internet

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Setting to use this
trick in Smartphones / Mobile / Android devices :

  • Download Proxy for Droid from Playstore its free

  • Open app >> Create new profile

  • Name : Tricksworldzz

  • Proxy :

  • Port: 80

  • Save Setting and click on start proxy tunnelling

  • Open your internet browser prefer using UC Browser

  • Open free Internet page that you can use and type the urlthere.

  • Voila ! You made it champ you are now access all websitesand download free movies , music use facebook , stream YouTube.

Unblock Restricted Internet

Some Faq’s :


Can I use to bypass this for using Facebook is this secure ?

–Yes you can absolutely use these above setting for using free facebook but please make sure that sometime you may get security errors as facebook be make sure you can recover your account if you get temporary issues.

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Can I download unlimited movies/music ?

–Yes surely if you get access to 4everproxy page you are on the go to make unlimited
everything .

Can I use this connection for Downloading Torrent ?

–Well this is a tricky question , if you are thinking that you will be downloading this with uTorrent app for windows the answer is wrong , but you can download your torrents with free online torrent leechers such as , , .

If you havn’t get any steps clear or having confusion related to anything we are here to help you out in this regard please leave comment or email us.

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