Plants vs zombies: hero, a quick review.


So to all the people reading this article, plants vs zombies: hero has been released worldwide on 18 October 2016. This isn’t your ordinary plants vs zombies game. This game is totally different from its predecessors like plants vs zombies and plant vs zombies 2. If anybody of you have played Clash Royale and liked it, then guys this game is for you! Plants vs zombies hero

REVIEW - Plants vs zombies hero
REVIEW – Plants vs zombies hero

REVIEW – Plants vs zombies hero

Starting with the downloading, you guys can get it for free from the play store. After downloading, the game will download some resources(took 15 seconds for me). Now you guys will get the intro screen where crazy dave will explain all the mechanics of the game.
The big change we getting is that, we can play as both plants and zombies! Yes, no kidding here. And our plants and zombies also get heroized. An invention by DR. Zombo turns some plants and zombies into heroes. Plants vs zombies hero

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The basic mechanics is that we face different zombie heroes if we choose plants and we face different plants heroes if we choose zombies. Each hero have its own special abilities and can u lock different type of cards. Yes , and the thing to note is we unlock cards as same in CR. After winning each battle we either get a card pack, Coins.

REVIEW – Plants vs zombies hero

We can also do multiplayer after completing some single player battles. You can use different abilities, cards, etc. We can also challenge our friends using google play and FB login. Complete quests to get gems which can be used to buy better packs from the shop. We also have common, rare and super-rare cards as in clash royale.

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This game have good 4.4 rating on play store. This was a brief intro to the game. I hope you guys like the game.
Link to the game-
Here are some screenshots from the game-

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