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hello everyone today this post is not to help you but to ask for support from you.Do you know 100’s developers work hard for your device to make it perfect or you can get  bet out of the hardware they support you even after company discontinues service for that particular device.

But for all of the development they have to spend money from their pockets even to publish there content on the internet so that you easily find it and use it. All this they do to earn love from you not to earn money.

So why not to help them by providing Free domain,Free hosting,Free google play development consoles.

Providing all this by individual is not easy or we say impossible but together we can do it even if 1,000 people each will donate even Rs10 we can support whole community of developer for a particular device So why not to do it if we easily can provide them  by all of the resources which at end will ease our life If we can we will.

Donation of even rs 10 can make a big change so please support by donating different developers communities below

Support all developers{coming soon}

(donation done to this page will be divided among all kind of developers {10% each section})

Support Coolpad Developers(rs450/na so far)

(donation done to this page will be divided among all kind of development resources for coolpad devices click on the above link  to donate or to know where it will be used)

Want to add support page for a particular device contact us on :-

Whatsapp- +918437207767

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