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WannaCry Ransomware Is On Windows 10 Now!

Security researchers are still busy developing fixes for the Wannacry ransomware. Well, Windows was affected massively across the world. Researchers at RiskSense have successfully managed to port the WannaCry exploit to infect Windows 10 as well. The world has just faced a huge ransomware attack....

14-Year-Old Hacker Arrested For Creating Ransomware In Japan

Recently, a 14-year-old kid was arrested in Osaka Prefecture Japan for creating and distributing a ransomware. The kid had created a ransomware using a free encryption software. Several sources claimed that this is arrest issue was one of the first of its kind in...


Top 6 Dark/Black Themes For CM Based ROMs – Puspen Rath

Hi everyone; today I’m back with another interesting post. I hope many of You have got...

How to Hack a Cell Phone