This Facebook Password Stealer Steals Your Own Password


In this article will will talk about “This Facebook Password Stealer Steals Your Own Password” article. Recently, a team of researchers from the Australian Security Company, known as LMNTRIX Labs, has detected a new malicious program, which promises “facebook password stealer” to hook up Facebook accounts, but this is actually Is storing your own Facebook password.

Facebook is the most popular target for hackers. Researchers at LMNTRIX Labs, located in Sydney, recently marketed malware by cyber criminals through a new Facebook password, which in reality actually steals data from attackers instead of victims. Dubbed in the form of “quick karma”, the password stealing software injects a malicious code in the background, when it downloads, the user’s credentials are displayed with personal and financial information.

“It appears to be very broad and growing,” the research team told. “We classify this as a malicious campaign running with dangerous actors, actively marketing it as ‘Facebook Password Steeler’ or more easily, ‘Facebook Password Recovery.’

“The attackers also seem to be sophisticated marketers who think that there is potentially huge demand for perceived service and distributing specimens through spam, advertising campaigns, pop-ups, bundled software, porn sites and some time standalone software

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Malware campaign corrupts those victims who are seeking software for hacking into other people’s Facebook accounts. Once the victim clicks on the “Hack” button, it downloads and runs, and also leaves a remote access Trojan (RAT) in the background

At present, password stealing malware is restricted to Windows PC users only, though it is not uncommon to see similar malware targeting mobile users, researchers said.

“The target market passes through a specific hacker subset (if there is any such thing) and targets the normal user who may be tempted to come inside someone’s Facebook account (friends, enemies, important others, etc.),” researchers told.

However, there are ways and apps to offer Facebook hacks, but this is a specific malicious campaign, which promise to steal the Facebook password easily is completely new.

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