{Updated}Use your Fingerprint To Add gestures on your Android Phone


Use your Fingerprint To Add gestures on your Android Phone heyaa guys capstricks back and this time with an update for our old post which breaked all records on our site

Add Fingerprint Gestures To Your Android Devices you can try this as well but today came back with an app with which you can add more functions and gesture types on your fingerprint enabled phone so without wasting time lets get started


fingerprint gestures
fingerprint gestures

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Available actions
• Icon touch panel
• Back
• Home
• Recent apps
• Sleep (Root)
• Power button menu
• Scroll down (Root)
• Scroll up (Root)
• Open notifications panel
• Toggle notifications panel
• Open quick settings
• Play/pause song
• Next song
• Previous song
• App
• Torch
• Toggle ringer mode
• Toggle split screen

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To check your notifications, swipe down on the fingerprint sensor on your phone. Touch your fingerprint sensor and scroll through an app of your choice. To quickly turn your phone to sleep, just tap the sensor. And so much more.

so thats it guyz try yourself 🙂 if you liked the post be sure to like and share and also coomment down below 🙂

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