WhatsApp Is Testing A New Amazing Feature For You


Hello friends in today’s article we will learn about ‘WhatsApp Is Testing A New Amazing Feature For You’.The new feature has been seen on the Beta version of Whatsapp’s app, it can be expected to come soon for all users. Whatsapp will soon let you update your position with a colorful background, fonts and emoji.

You know how suddenly your Facebook feed started filling up with a status update that was a colorful background? It can start on Whatsapp soon. This feature, which started for Facebook’s Android users since late last year, was spread in other platforms a few months ago, is now being scrutinized in Whatsapp’s new status screen. Perhaps WhatsApp hopes it will convince people to start using those new statuses more – 99% of my friends don’t bother with them and I’ve heard the same from lots of people.

Well, the new feature is been spotted on the beta version of WhatsApp app, it can be expected to arrive for all users soon. The feature was first reported by Android Police and it shows the feature was available in WhatsApp beta version 2.17.291. The report also adds that it might be the latest version of the WhatsApp beta, it is possible many users might not see this feature.

Image: Android Police
Image: Android Police


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The new color text position (I do not know what else is called it) has three icons for adding emoji to the screen, selecting the font and changing the background color. After typing your correct type, you’ve typed your text and messed with them, then tap the green Send button to post them as your status.

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As I said, this appears to be a server-side test, so it may vary in your mileage whether this feature is live for you or not.It doesn’t hurt to be on the latest WhatsApp beta (APK Mirror or official Play Store beta program) to make sure the odds of seeing it are in your favor.

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