Write and earn! With capstricks


Heyaa guys capstricks.net back and this time with an announcement yep now you can write with us. Write beautiful posts and earn cash for your next project.So if you have writing skills without wasting time continue further

  • Never try to send articles by copying from others.You will not get anything for it
  • Always write and post articles which are unique and related to our blog category.
  • Grammar should be good. (You should use Grammarly while writing post to detect grammar and vocabulary mistakes automatically)
  • The Article should not less than 300 words
  • Don’t forget to add images to your article
  • This will be Weekly based contest
  • Author with more than 4,000 views per post will get cash prizes
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    So without wasting time learn how to write your first post over our site

    Step 1 – Open capstricks.net and click over menu button over extreme left at top

    Step 2-Click on join

    Step 3 – Add your email and username

    Step 4- Check your email(spam folder if not found in inbox) and click on the link

    Step 5 – change the password and click reset and then login

    Step 6- Log in to your account by filling details


    Step 7-Click on + sign and then on post

    Step 8-Write the title in the first box and  then you can start writing your post in the next

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    Last thing before publishing don’t forget to add categories,tags and feature image this will be image which will be showed on the homepage as well as at top of the post and when you will share the link of your post hope you  will love to write with us and win cash or amazing prizes 🙂 write!help!learn!earn

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