10+ Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Your Income


heyaa guys capstricks.net back and As you know adsense is a simple “set it and forget it” way to go about making money from your blog. Once set up there really is not much else you need to do but keep on blogging. Not everyone enjoys the same plugins. So for those of you not feeling the first AdSense plugin we discussed, here are some alternatives.

10+ Adsense Plugins For WordPress To Increase Your Income

Adsense Deluxe WordPress Plugin Once installed you can create multiple AdSense ad units and decide what parts of the site should or should not have ads, and what sizes you would like them to be. The Adsense Deluxe+ WordPress Plugin claims they go farther to help you customize your ad placement and improved performance.

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AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System WordPress Plugin helps you track your AdSense earnings and impressions, including publicizing the information. Other WordPress Plugins that will help you track your Adsense income include Adsense Clicks Tracker and Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin.

Author Adsense WordPress Plugin permits ads to be displayed by author, so the post author gets credit for the ads, not the blog itself. For multiple blogger blogs, this is an interesting way to share the wealth.

You may also check out these wordpress adsense plugins:

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If I have missed any please feel free to post them in the comments area. Also, if you like one plugin better than the others, please share your experience with us.

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