From past few years, the number of web series in India is increasing rapidly and people are moving towards digital content over standard television shows. According to the latest survey by Netflix, Indians are best binge-watchers on Netflix and love to watch content anywhere, anytime.

To provide more and digital content many productions houses are creating web series for digital platforms. Entry of major streaming giants like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are making sure that Indians get quality content that they like.

Here, We have created a list of the 10 Best Indian web series to Binge watch from the different web platforms. Also, check out our best of Netflix India.

1. Pitchers

tvf pitchers

TVF Pitchers is created by The Viral Fever and available on YouTube and TVFPlay app. It is a story of 4 young entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to fulfill their dream of a startup venture. They face numerous problems to achieve that. It shows how the Indians startups are different than any silicon valley startup and how Indian society reacts to the name of startup against a day job. Pitchers is also listed in top 50 IMDb shows.

2. Little Things


Little Things is a cute story of a live-in couple Dhruv and Kavya. The story revolves around their small happy moments like cuddling on a sofa or walking hand in hand. Little things is really beautiful and heartwarming story. They tell us that we must celebrate little things in life rather than waiting for any big moments. It is a must watch if you are of a romantic type.

3. What the Folks

What the Folks is five episode series about a guy, Nikhil who come to Delhi for work and stays at their in-laws. It’s a reverse saas-bahu series. It is a cute comedy show in which Nikhil’s in-laws try their best to make feel comfortable to him without complaining about anything.   

4. Pushpavalli



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Pushpavalli, a chubby food technology student meets a  Nikhil Rao at a conference in Bhopal and develops a huge crush on him. She decides to move Banglore and take a job near Nikhil’s office just for the stalk him. She believes that Nikhil also like her and will want to date her but he was just being gentlemen. She does dark things to get his attention without any seconds thoughts.

Pushpavalli is written, played by comedian Sumukhi Suresh and available on Amazon Prime.

5. Laakhon Mein Ek

Aakash, an average student who is not much into academics and wants to take commerce in high school has to join IIT coaching by immense family pressure. Out of options Aakash gives it a try but realizes soon that he can never do it. He lands on a class where no teacher wants to teach and no students want to learn. ‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ tells us the story of many Aakash in our country who have to opt for IIT for sake of their parents and society.

‘Laakhon Mein Ek’ is written by Biswa Kalyan Rath who is an IIT Kharagpur student so many instances in this series inspired by his days.

6. Inside Edge


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Inside Edge is first Indian Amazon Prime original series. It turned heads through great casting like Richa Chadha and Vivek Oberoi and awesome story writing. The show is based on IPL like Cricket premier league. Inside Edge is a perfect cocktail of glamour and cricket. This is the story of lust, greed, and ambitions of big heads who control games behind the scenes.

7. TVF Tripling

Would you ever consider a trip with your siblings? It could be fun! Three siblings Chandan, Chitwan starts a road trip from Mumbai and then Chanchal also accompany them from Jodhpur to their home. They found their lost connections on this journey. Tripling is great series and for sure it will convince you to have a road trip somewhere.

8. Bose: Dead/Alive

This web series is based on one of the country’s biggest mystery about the alleged death of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Series progresses on two timelines, in one it shows how a fierce student become a wanted leader in British time and other deals with the controversy behind the alleged death. Bose character is stunningly played by Rajkumar Rao.

This series is totally binged worthy. It is available on ALT Balaji app and Website.

9. 2 by 3

Balan and Aashna, a married couple begin to live with 3 college students in one apartment to save some bucks. Rohan, Veer, and Akash were the typical college students who do not like to clean room or clear trash. Balan and Aashna find it difficult to train them to be good roommates. This contrary lifestyle of both sides create numerous problem for them all but at last, they work out by creating ground rules and agreements.

2 by 3 is the third series after huge hits like ‘Little Things’ and ‘What the Folks’. We never saw this type of series and it’s fun to watch how a married couple cops with three yet to grow up young boys.

10. Woh Din

Woh Din by EmotionalFulls is the full 90s nostalgia ride. Babu, a young kid who wants to be a next Sachin Tendulkar bribes its way out for a spot in a team of big boys cricket team. He does everything to impress Rajan(Captain) from promise to play his video game to be a love messenger for him. But, in these all he neglects his best Shreedhar who is always helpful to him.

It is a cute little web series with full of instances that will make you miss your childhood. Also read our Best of Netflix India.


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