These days, all the smartphone manufacturers are opting for 2.5D Curved Glass for their premium and mid-range smartphones. We read that a lot in smartphone specifications but many of us really don’t know what does it mean and why it should be preferred over the normal 2D glass. 

Also, its name is a bit confusing that how could anything can exist in two and a half dimension. Well, it is just a marketing gimmick. Let me help you to understand what really is 2.5d curved glass and does it is required un your phone or not.

What is 2.5D curved glass?

2.5D is the slight curvature on the edges of the smartphone screen that is also known as the contoured edge. The curve is so small that you might even not notice it on your smartphone. Although, If the screen is above than the side bezels on your phone then that is definitely a 2.5D curved glass. You will better understand by looking below image.

2.5d curved glass

What are advantages 2.5d Curved Glass?


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The main advantage of 2.5D glass is a better aesthetic look of the phone. It provides smooth and flawless front without any hitches. Rounded curves on every side make phone premium and handy.

Another advantage of curved glass is seamless touch and better holding experience on your phone. Its screen feels smooth and flawless than Normal 2D glass.

What is the difference between Gorilla Glass and 2.5D curve Screen?

Gorilla Glass is for the protection of the which protects your phone minor cracks and bruises whereas curved screen is just a design factor. Gorilla Glass and Curved Screen both can be present in any devices like Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. However, the curved screen is more prone to screen breaking because if your phone falls, the impact will be on your phone screen directly.

Does it make difference?

It is not a primary thing like camera, RAM or processor but it really improves aesthetic of phone and makes it look more beautiful. Generally, most of the high-end phones have curved screen but you have to check it on budget range phones if they have curved screen or not. Also, it is a cherry on top if your phones have both Gorilla Glass and Curved screen.

Also, keep in mind that you might want to know that phones which have curved screen need special screen protectors because if you apply a straight screen protector air will be trapped in between screen and screen protector which would not look nice.


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