Funny WiFi names to rock in the neighborhood

Creativity has no limits and people try to show their sense of humor and coolness wherever they can. Funny WiFi names are the current trend for Geeks.

In some apartments neighbors literally, play WiFi name wars with each other like as shown in the screenshot below:

WiFi Wars

To change Wifi SSID you have to open your router settings from any connected device. All routers have a different interface but at last, they all have similar settings pattern.

How to Change Wifi SSID Names

The first thing you need to change wifi name is IP Address of your router. To find IP address of your router visit this. Now follow steps below to change your wifi name.

  1. Open any browser and type in your router IP address.
  2. Log in with credentials (default credentials will be on the router box).
  3. Go to wireless option
  4. You can change your wifi name from this menu, by default it will show your current name. Delete the current name and type SSID you want and log out.
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change wifi ssid


You have re-login to your wifi connection after this process so your wifi will be disconnected if the process is successful.

70 funny Wifi SSID Names

We decided to create a list of Most amazing, creative and Funny Wifi names so you can update your SSID to something cooler than before. Enjoy this list and make your guests and neighbors uncomfortable.

Wi cry when Angels deserve FiH1N1
It hurts when IPVirus Distribution Center
Connect and dieIt burns when IP
Martin Router KingDon't even try it
TellYourWiFiloveherWho farted?
She Wants the D-LinkJoin Other Network
FBI SurveillanceYell Penis for Password
Dora the Internet ExplorerStop using our internet
Network not FoundOther...
No Device FoundPretty Fly for Wi-Fi
2 Girls 1 RouterLord of the Pings
Loading...House LANister
Searching...Your baby is really ugly
Winternet Is Coming Call me Maybe
My neighbors suckOur Internet is Faster than yours
Satan rocks my socksVirus Distribution center
Unprotected CeXYummy Mummy
You kids get off my WiFiLast night I saw you naked
Prohibited AreaMartin Router King
I now declare you man and WiFiVery Slow Internet
For Porn onlyPennyGetYourOwnWiFi
I can see your historyUmbrella Corporation
Will you marry me?Yell DOGGY to know password
No free Internet here, keep lookingLet them use this
Girls gone WirelessIP when I sneeze
Mom Click here for Wi-FiPassword is Password
My D-Link(.)(.)
Drop it like its hotspotSeries of Tubes
Benjamin FrankLANI'm under your bed
The Floo NetworkSearching
This LAN is your LANThe Wireless G-Spot
Don't touch meI have wifi and you don't
Click here to inject VirusMy own Damn internet
Security is mythI save your passwords
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Geek and Nerdy Wifi SSID Names

Sec C lifeTouch-Me-Not
Go liveC:Virus.exe
Look at your as$Crack my SSID password dude!
Wife vs Wi-FiArea 51
Hacked youDaytrogen @ Day
I know your Wi-Fi password404
Switch off your stoveFriendly Neighborhood Spider-LAN
CandycrushCheap Thrills to Steal
Come to terraceBang Bang!
I know your chrome historyI am the Internet, AMA
DIE like a flyWireless GangBang
Stop using my internetAlohomora Crack the Password
I am a batmanThe Death Eater
Game of PornIt's LeviOSA not LevioSAH
Duracell Bunny ArrestedDeath Star Wireless Zone
You Lost Your ConnectionZeta Class Imperial Shuttle
Go Pokemon GO!Lannister of Casterly Rock
Need Wy-Fy?Stark of Winterfell
Connect and DieThe Master of Wifi
The Night I lost CTRLBattle of the Bastards


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This was our list of the best funny WiFi names. What do you think of it? Did you liked any of any of these and used on your wifi tell us in comments.

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Also, comment down if you have more amazing funny and creative wifi names.