Are your phone goes dead before a day calls off? Do you not know where your battery power goes, while you are not using your phone? Your phone is not standing a day without even using it. Then we have some crucial tips for you to save your smartphone’s battery life. These 7 tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life will surely help to maximise your battery life.

7 tips to increase your smartphone’s battery life

1. Keep the GPS, Wi-Fi & Mobile Data off
-When you really don’t need to keep them off, you can manage all three of them from toggles
These are the features of a smartphone which make a smartphone smart but they are also a battery killer. So, for saving battery we should use them only whenever we need to. Otherwise, keeping these features on will reduce your day’s battery life up to 2-3 hours.

2. Turn “Wake Lock Screen For Notifications” OFF
This feature also kills so much our battery power by walking screen up every time when we get any notification from any app. You can turn this off from notification settings.

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3. Brightness Control
You may have seen in your battery usage graph screen uses the most of the battery. Nowadays, Smartphones are coming with higher resolutions screen and hence it uses more battery. So, it is very crucial to minimise the percentage usage of the screen in total battery usage.
The more you keep the brightness the more your battery will drain. So, adjust your battery according to your surroundings & also use auto- brightness features when you are out.

4. Turn OFF Vibrations on Keyboard Presses 

This controls haptic feedback of keypresses for all your inputs done via keyboard, If you are a heavy chatter/texter you are unknowingly using too much power by this, better turn this vibration off.

5. Turn off Auto Play store Update
By default, play store setting uses auto-update method over Wi-Fi, which might be annoying at times as it will hog the bandwidth & battery,  it is better to update apps when we want to. Additionally, it saves our data too.

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6. Turn off Auto-Sync

Auto-sync uses our battery power too much because it always syncs data with servers to our smartphones. So, it is better to turn off auto sync and manually sync when we need to sync our data.

7.Turn Off Google Location History

As I stated earlier GPS uses too much battery, Google location history also uses GPS and tracks our daily route and locations which are a useless feature for the most the users. So, it is good for our battery to turn it off.

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