Music indeed has been made to be a part of our culture since time immemorial. Basically, it would be difficult for us to dissociate music with culture, or find a culture without music of any sort. Modern Technology and music have married through the years, and now, there are a lot of applications made specifically for music which manifests this marriage. With that said, both Android and iOS apps alike have apps for music lovers.

Magic Piano

Magic piano

If you love making music, and probably would want to know how then one of the best ways for you to do such is to make use of the Magic Piano app. This app allows to learn the basics of piano, and while the real thing is different, this app would still suffice if you would want to familiarize or customize a rhythm of a song. This app is also great for teaching singers, as this allows them to find and mimic the correct pitch.

Sing! Karaoke

The most common means through which people profess their love for music is definitely through belting out some tunes, and karaoke is made for such a purpose. This free app allows you to belt out tunes anytime, anywhere you want. Not only does it let you do this, it also has a lot of other handy features, such as vocal enhancement, which would give you more guts to record yourself and share with the app followers. To top it all off, this app even gives you the chance to duet with the most famous pop stars like Ariana Grande and Ed Sheeran!

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Aside from getting to sing their idol’s songs, one of the best means to show one’s love for music, specifically that of an artist is by going to their concert. Indeed, it takes the experience of listening to their music up a notch if you listen to your favourite bands live. This is exactly what Songkick does, giving you reminders of concerts and thus you’ll never miss out on that ticket again! It does so by searching your library for artists you love.


To those who are musicians at heart, they would definitely know that getting the right tempo is key to a great entrance in every performance. If you don’t enter well or if you get things wrong, you know your performance is messed up. This app allows you to check your tempo right there and then.

Songwriter’s Pad

Making music and writing down the right lyrics is one which isn’t an easy task at all. With that said, you would definitely need help, especially when it comes to finding the right words. If you’re looking for an app which would help you with not just the words, but for inspiration and the right emotions as well, this is one which allows you to come up with ideas for that, and it even comes with its own dictionary for a rhyme!

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Some people love songs so much that they would want to do anything just so that they could understand what they really mean. Others, on the other hand, do not like listening to things they can’t make any sense out of. With that said, Genius is the best app for this as they give the meaning of the songs that you look up to giving you an analysis, line-by-line. This app also allows you to do your own interpretations to it as well.

Guitar Tuna


Getting the right pitch is the ultimate challenge for a lot of musicians. This is most especially true when it comes to guitars. A pitchy guitar, or any instrument for the matter would definitely undermine the performance, and thus, proper pitching has to be observed. In order for achieve this, you would need a tuner, which is exactly what Guitar Tuna is for your guitar. It also works for ukulele, bass, as well as other instruments that would be needing it.

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NPR Music

NPR Music

While a lot of people want to make music, several others are content with just listening to it. With that said, the NPR Music App is one which effectively combines streaming radio service as well as music news in one. Listeners are able to listen to hundreds of music stations in the country, and they could also make offline playlists for their favourite singers and bands. NPR concerts and music events are also streamed by this app, where users could also view the concerts live.

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