Can Automation Lead To A Loss Of Jobs?

You do not have to worry about the effects of this article’s title unless you worry about your job in the future. There is, however, a massive talk about automation and AI leading to job losses. It does not matter as long your job is secure. That is the common notion among workers.

But one aspect is for sure. Artificial intelligence has already displaced some jobs but has given rise to new job descriptions. Yet the fact, are the same workers whose jobs have been lost are awarded the new jobs? No, Never. The new jobs are for a bunch of technically skilled scientists. So, it is better to pull your socks and become skilled in the specific field since AI is still in the infancy stage.

If you let your imaginations run amok with the feelings, only images of the Terminator will come to the mind. In addition, you may dream of a robot serving drinks to you at the beach.

The main reason, you are the person responsible for your career as well financial security. You definitely do not have control over the economy and advancements in technology but have control over your choice to respond.

Let us imagine – you are a receptionist. You may have heard about the robot that can recognize employees, visitors and perform more function. Sooner, your job may be on the firing line. But please note it is only part of the picture. You can term it as a technical improvement.

In many parts of the world, businesses are manufacturing products and offering services with the help of new technologies including AI. These companies have completely changed the traditional ways of business models.

At present, there are nearly 2,60,000 robots in the US factories. They are sought in the semiconductor, electronic and automotive industries. In a similar situation, the low skilled labour personnel will be relieved from their jobs; while there will be a new market for professionals who can manage/repair the robots.

In companies which had white collar jobs, automation is sought of in the low skill sector. For example, client profile update, insurance claims processing and healthcare registration. But you can take it two ways – either as a man-to-machine conflict or as a human-to-machine collaboration. But, it has to be accepted, the machines can outsmart human work performance to produce products or services of good business value.

The Next Generation Workforce

It is true, that automation will change the way you work, but it is the responsibility of your company to ensure that you are given the training to gain skills as per the trend. In the future, a different work environment may be required for supporting the work requirements of the company. Who has envisioned the future? Tomorrow, after a decade, you may be working in an industry that has not emerged or exist in the present day.

Companies revelling in technology are already waking to the fact, of many facts such as utilization of resources, a configuration of space and requirement of facilities. Some have already prepared plans towards selecting locations and infrastructure that can assist the skill sets and industry innovation of the future.

The next generation workforce as well works practices may be totally different. Whether they like or not, every company will have to adapt to the new challenges to support the new business model – the biggest joke and question – they are yet to be designed.

There is another way to look at the misconception regarding automation. Many scientists are of the opinion that it cannot take away every human job. This kind of technology innovation is considered centuries away. In other words, they convey the information that automation can be used to pass off the most difficult jobs to a machine specially designed for the same purpose.

By embracing automation in these jobs, workers and companies can devote their resources as well time to jobs that can be completed only by humans. The professional can concentrate on the job while tasks that require no intelligence can be handled by automation. That does not mean the tasks are not important. They are important to the organization but take a great deal of time of the worker. Mostly these jobs are analysis and organization of data etc.

By using the automation tools, professionals working in the marketing sector can easily identify behavioural triggers with ease. In fact, this type of automation can help ROI.


The rumour, that a new technology will take away jobs has always remained in the history of mankind. During the Industrial Revolution, workers were afraid of the weaving machine. Coach owners became wary of the train. There can be many examples. But, mankind has always learnt and grown from the advancement of technology.

Agreed, jobs will change. The economy will be on the path of expansion, but the requirement for toiling in unwanted desk tasks will be reduced. So, how can automation decimate mankind? In fact, it will elevate jobs to a higher level.

Are you an entrepreneur who has companies related to software and home repair services? Then it is vital that you keep yourself tuned to the recent developments in automation as well artificial intelligence? Gaining information on recent technology innovations will not only help your businesses sustain in the market, but you can also become successful.


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