Best android launchers

Android play store contains thousands of launchers. However, it is very hard to find the suitable launcher for our need. Most of the launchers contain annoying ads and clumsy icons. Android gives us the freedom to change our launcher and icons, hence we can customise our home in a way we like it. So, We here listed the best android launchers available in Android play store:

1. Pixel Launcher

PIxel Launcher - Best android launcher     PIxel launcher -Best android launcher

Google has developed this launcher for especially for pixel phones. However, it is my favourite launcher and that is why it is on the top of the list. Pixel launcher is very simple, clean and fast. However, the problem is that it does not support many devices. You may not find it in the play store, but you can download its apk from here and check whether it is supported to your device or not.

2. Google now launcher

Google now launcher - Best android launcher      Google now launcher - Best android launcher

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This is another launcher by Google, which was introduced first in moto phones. Now it is available for all. It is much like Pixel launcher, also clean, and fast. You can try this launcher if you like to have a clean launcher.

3. Nova launcher

Nova launcher - Best android launcher

Nova is the most popular launcher among all launchers. Nova is popular because of its compact size and amazing performance. It is the second choice after pixel launcher. Nova launcher is highly customisable and supports a different kind of gestures (You will need pro version for that).

4. Yahoo Aviate Launcher

yahoo aviate launcher - Best android launcher      yahoo aviate launcher        yahoo aviate launcher

Yahoo Aviate is the smart launcher, which organises your apps categories wise. This launcher is for you if you like to organise apps. In addition, Yahoo Aviate anticipates the information and apps that are useful to you based on where you are and what you are doing.

5. Microsoft Arrow launcher

Microsoft arrow launcher   Microsoft arrow launcher

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Microsoft Arrow is launcher is a very beautiful launcher. It is very compact and lightweight. They claim to it is battery saving and efficient. This launcher is very helpful for those who regularly use Microsoft Office apps. It is directly synced with Microsoft so you can get your event and reminders on your screen. In addition, Arrow launcher supports multiple languages, which makes it unique.

6. GO Launcher

Go launcher         Go launcher
Go launcher is one the first launchers on play store. It is very popular for its animations and themes. It has a great library of themes. It also provides beautiful widgets and keyboard.

7. Marshmallow Launcher

Marshmallow launcher

Marshmallow launcher is for who wants marshmallow feel in their lower android version. It almost like google now launcher but provides more customisation than Google now launcher.

8. Mini Desktop launcher

Mini Desktop Launche

Can you believe that this launcher’s size is only 170kb? This launcher is smaller than most of our images. If you are the who always run of out of space than this launcher perfect for you.

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9. Zen UI

zen ui launcher      zen ui launcher

Most of the Smartphone companies does not allow other brands to use their launcher. However Asus is an exception, it allows us to download all of its apps. Zen UI launcher has a very good library of themes and because it is from default launcher it is ad-free and bug-free.


I hope that you liked my list of the best Android launchers if you I missed any launcher feel free to draw my attention in comments. Share this post if you liked it.