Android Play store is home to tons of great apps that get published every day and few of them make it big, really big to the point that they become the talk of the town. Android apps such as Pokémon Go and Sarahah are among some of the apps that stood out to an extent that they have enveloped the whole world.

One of the best thing that exists with Android is the amazing flexibility and freedom that the play store has. Apps have small size as compared to the iOS store and also they are neatly optimized. In this article, we will talk about the 5 best new android apps of 2017.

5 New best Android Apps of 2017



1weather is an app that justifies its name totally. It is an app that tells you about the weather in your region. It is rated at 4.5 on the google play store and is loved by many. 1weather has got a very interesting user interface. You can track or even view weather forecasts as per your current conditions or else set a location manually. It will allow you to see the weather updates for multiple places. Users also get to set notifications from the app.

There are many things which you can see for a place. Things like temperature, precipitation forecast, Doppler radar, and even get to know the position of the sun and the moon. The app has got tons of different awards from leading publications such as Phandroid, CNN tech, Lifehacker and Android Police. At one point, you can keep a track of around 12 locations to see what the weather like at a certain place is. When it comes to more imaginability, you can even see graphs of temperature highs and the probability of precipitation. Everything here feels really like the fullscreen mode with zoom and even terrain and satellite map views.

Download 1Weather 



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Rated 4.5 on the google play store. Feedly is an app that does organizing things pretty nicely. It becomes your centre place to organize, read and a place where you get to share quality information about the next big thing which shall hit in a particular industry. It can be a single place where your account exists or in multiple locations. You just need Feedly to organize all your sources such as blogs, magazines, any other source which is important for you. Even the interface of the app is elegant.

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Almost quick access to tons of different sources means that you will be saving ample time which would otherwise go into going through resources that may or may not be worth the read. Feedly connects more than 40 million feeds. Since Feedly is powered by RSS and also because Feedly is an open system, it makes the app even more interesting and efficient. The aim of the developers is to make a place where you can talk about all the things that happen in your mind which matter.


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Blue mailBluemail is not an email service but an email client that lets you handle multiple mail accounts.  The mail providers could be different providers. Bluemail allows you to handle them all in one single place. You will get accustomed to the interface and many features that make it a must-have app if you own a lot of different mail IDs. It can handle accounts such as that of your Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and Office 365 in one single account. The app also features support for IMAP, POP3+Exchange.

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The best part of the app is the flexibility it provides. You can set the quiet hours, and also set custom alarms and things like LED lights, Snooze alerts and many other preferences. There is also a dark theme which can automatically switch between day and night. For people using any android wear device, they can also be assured of not missing any mail as it notifies even on a wearable device. A feature popular with the email service is ‘send later’ in which you can frame your mail only to be sent later. After you finish a mail, you can simply mark them as done. In terms of the user interface and ease of access, this is a great app to have.

Download Bluemail

Recent App Switcher

Recent App Switcher

With every coming day, we download tons of different apps. But amidst all of those apps, we

use only a few very frequently. As the name suggests, it is intended to keep the home screen clean. It also allows you to give access to the apps that you have been using recently. You can very easily swipe the latest apps and get to scoop notifications. You may think since the app will always be on the run to give you notifications, so your phone’s battery will keep draining by the processing happening in the background.

The app gives the facility to blacklist any app that you don’t like. There are also many options that you can choose which will help you select the apps that you run frequently and the apps that are among the most used apps. Even when it comes to customization, there are tons that you can do like create loads of shortcuts, get to choose the icon colour, change the background and much more. Talking about the user interface of the app, it is very interesting and there are even different themes that help you get rid do the usual boring design.

Download Recent App Switcher

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme Racing

Rated 4.5 by tons of users. Asphalt Xtreme is a car racing game that is slowly catching pace in the app store to be among the top apps, this time even with more options to smell the tarmac. The app has tons of choices in terms of the type of vehicle you wish to drive. You get around 50+ monster machines. Imagine you get into heavy duty 4*4 machines and make your way through the roads like a boss. You have full freedom to do whatever you wish your muscular cars. The type of vehicles is enormous.

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You will be riding vehicles from brands such as Jeep, Ford, Mercedes Benz, Predator, Dodge, Chevrolet and much more. What more could you ask for when you will get a chance to get face to face with around 8 different players in a multiplayer game. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally racing app lets you unleash the true racer inside you. In terms of graphics too, the game is visually enticing and you will love every bit of it. It is under 40 MBs which makes it not a heavy running app on your device.

Download Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Tell us what app you are using from this list of best android apps of 2017. You can also suggest apps in comments.