Best Google chrome extensions

Currently, Google chrome is the best and most used web browser of all. Chrome is most loved browser because it provides a lot of extensions, which makes our work easier and efficient. There are millions of extensions and themes on chrome store but many users do not aware of the extensions. Therefore, I have created a list of best google chrome extensions. These extensions will make your browsing experience much better.

1. Earth View from Google earth

Earth View from Google earth

Bored from the default new page screen, you can try this amazing extension by google earth. It shows the most beautiful pictures from the google earth. Worth to try.

Earth View from Google Earth

2. Google Keep

Google keep is the best platform to save notes. Google Keep is best for making notes because we can access our notes anywhere. This extension saves any quote from the website and remembers the web page.

Google Keep Chrome Extension

3. Motivation

if you are a procrastinator like me, you can use this extension to motivate yourself. You need to enter your birth date first time in new tab page and after that whenever you open a new tab it will show your age in years with increasing decimal places. Therefore, it will stop you to wasting your time on the internet.


4. Google Input tools

Google input tools are the best way to type in any language. Same as the desktop software, it allows us to type in any language we want. We just have to import language we want to write and then when we want to type just have to select the language from the menu.

Google Input Tools

5. Speedtest

speedtest by ookla
we all use speedtest by ookla to measure internet speed but what if, we do not have to open their website to check internet speed. This extension will measures internet speed in a small window without opening a new window.

Speedtest by Ookla

6. Bitmoji

Snapchat users know bitmoji, it is personal emoji. We have to create a cartoon avatar and we can use that avatar in different stickers. These extensions enable us to use our bitmoji anywhere on the web.


7. Chrome IG story

Instagram stories can be only seen on the app. But if you have this extension you can see Instagram stories on your desktop too.

Chrome IG Story

8. Search by Image

This is an extension from Google. As it name says it searches from any image and gives us result according to the image. This is very helpful when we have a small sized image and if we want big size image.

Search by Image (by Google)

9. 2048

You might have played 2048 on your smartphone. You can enjoy 2048 on your desktop too. This game is offline so when the internet is down this game can be time cutter. Also, it is a lot easier to play this game with arrow keys.


10. Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a lyric service for music players. This extension shows lyrics in YouTube videos.

Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube

11. RatherNice

RatherNice is an extension which changes your new tab screen with a motivational quote. Every time you open a new tab you will find a quote that will produce positive energy in you.


I hope that you find this list of the best google chrome extensions useful, please share if you liked this list. If you know any other useful extension please let us know by comment.

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