Almost all of Desktop and Android users use Google Chrome as their default browser. Google Chrome is vastly used because it is fast and easy to use and it can sync your all browsing data between multiple devices.

Extensions in Google Chrome is cherry on top with this all features. Extensions are small add-ons which add tons of new and unique features to the browser. Google Chrome has a special web store for extensions and themes. Firefox and other browsers also provide add-ons but they don’t have many extensions as much google chrome has.

We have recently covered best Google Chrome Extensions but now we have created a list of free VPN extensions for google chrome. VPN( Virtual Private Network) is service we require often and having a chrome extension for it make perfect sense. Why install VPN apps if you can just add in Chrome where you do all your browsing?

When to use VPN Google Chrome Extensions?

VPN stands for the virtual private network, it makes any public network private for a user and enables the user to send or receive data through the public network as it is directly connected to the private network. It is advisable to use VPN when you are using public Wi-Fi to secure your connection. VPNs are also used to access geo-restrict websites by enabling virtual server of the location where the website is accessible. VPNs are mostly used for services like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu etc which are not available in all countries.

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8 Best Google Chrome extensions to use VPN

Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy

Better Net

Betternet is the simplest VPN extension on Google Chrome. It is truly unlimited and ad-free extension and it does not restrict any content. You can use it for anything you want without registering for it. We can choose from 10 server locations to make our virtual private network. It is also available in Windows store and Play store.

ZenMate VPN

ZenMate is another great VPN extension which is best known for it secure connections. It is more than just VPN service and it encrypts your connections and provides safety against possible threats. You need to register to use ZenMate VPN and you can try their premium VPN service too if you like this extension. It has more than 40 serves across different countries so you can access the internet from any country you want.


This extension gives you the unlimited bandwidth to use VPN from 10 virtual locations. One time sign up required to use this extension but after then its buttery smooth. It has a pleasant interface. Dot VPN encrypts your data into 4096 bits which made your connections more secure than average banking connections. Also, it saves your data usage by its integrated compression.

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Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy

Hotspot Shield



Hotspot shield is made by world’s largest VPN company AnchorFree. As AnchorFree name suggests it helps users to get free from the anchor(Trackers) of the website and provide secure connections. To use Hotspot Shield you just need to tap a button to connect and no sign up required. Additionally, it has ad-blocker, Malware protection and cookies blocking to provide one more layer of security. You can also use Hotspot Shield on your smartphone with the android a


Free and secure VPNs are not easy to find but is one of the best free VPN extension. This extension provides 8 virtual country location from you can access your internet completely free. hides your real IP to make you anonymous website visitor. It is ad-free and has unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions.


Like any Ninja, this extension is swift and powerful VPN service with a proxy option. iNinja is completely free and anonymous VPN service. iNinja will bypass all the firewalls and restrictions your network and will provide a safe connection which cannot be tracked down to your IP.

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CyberGhost is trusted by 15 million worldwide users for VPNs. Cybergost Chrome plugin is free to use and available worldwide including internet censored countries. It is built on Ethereum blockchain so that network remains always private. You can easily browse geo-restrict websites with this chrome extension. Also, CyberGhost encrypts connections and provides blocks malicious content.





So, this was our list of best free VPN extensions for google chrome, what do you think of it. Tell us in comments your views and which extension do you use in Google Chrome.