Best websites to learn code Free – Start Learning Today

Are you a newbie program and want to learn and strengthen your programming skills. We are here to help you, we have created a list of best websites to learn code for free.

There are thousands of websites that provide courses to learn to code but there are very few quality ones. Also, some students learn better in video courses and some students prefer text material. Don’t worry we have all the best websites that will you need whichever you prefer.

This list contains a list of websites that are free to use and learn from them. However, some websites will ask to pay for advanced courses. We have made this list for newbie programmers who don’t have money to spend on learning. Still, you can choose paid courses for advanced level learning if you have a budget.


Best websites to Learn Code


best websites to learn code

  • CodeHS

    I have personally used this awesome website to learn JavaScript. This website is useful for students as well as teachers too.This website provides a video course series which starts with an animated toy character Karel, It is fun to learn with this character. They teach you how to make games like break out with JavaScript. This website has more than 40 hours of really good content.

  • Free Code Camp

    Free Code Camp is a nonprofit organization founded by Quincy Larson. It provides web developments courses in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and Git. It is a very great community and you can help to make projects for non-profit works.

  • CodingBat

    best websites to learn codeCodingBat covers Python and Java problems so you will need some basic knowledge for solving problems. This website provides problems that happen in real coding. It is a great exercise to strengthen your skills.

  • Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is the one the best free academy for learning anything. It has a wide variety of courses including Maths, Computer Programming, Science, Economics, and Engineering. Khan Academy has a lot of projects that you can explore and make your own projects by learning from them.

  • Codecademy

    Codecademy is the best website if you are just started to learn web development. It has courses for 12 different languages that you will need for any web development work. Codecademy has interactive learning tool in which you can code and get output on the same screen.

  • Coursera

    Coursera is providing a 2000+ course on different educational topics from some of the world’s best institutions. They have world’s best online course and you also get a certificate for completing any course. However, many courses are paid but they are totally worth it.

  •  edX

    Edx is also similar program in comparison to Coursera but edX is providing all high-quality course for free and the amazing thing is that they have institutes are from Harvard University and MIT so you can imagine the quality of the course and they also give you a certificate after you complete a full course so but they will charge you for that but it’s completely optional. Edx has also 100+ course related to coding like java, python, HTML, node JS, Angular JS, Android etc.

  • Udemy

    Udemy is an independent learn and teach program where anyone can be a teacher but it is so popular they many good and high-quality content and Udemy have a very large data base on different small topics but the best quality content is paid. but you can always able to see a preview before you buy. so if you like to learn with video explanation then you can enroll the course and start coding! They have all type of language that you what to learn so go to their website to start learning.


Websites for Coding Community


  • Stack Overflow

    Stack overflow is also known as the bible of the coders. Stack Overflow is the largest online community for programmers to learn, share their knowledge, and advance their careers.” So here we can communicate and express our problems to other coders for the solutions and also we can answer the question that other people have asked. so this is the best way to do things straightforward.

  • Github

    You can find more than 500 free programming books that cover more than 80 different programming languages on the popular web-based Git repository hosting service, which means that it’s frequently updated by collaborators.  this is also a great way to publish your written code to GitHub so other people can collaborate to your code to improve it.



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