Have been ever happened to you that you have to block any particular website on your computer but couldn’t do it because of weird and confusing software you have installed.

We are happy to inform you that we have found out an easy and simple method to block any website on your computer. This method is very easy and does not require any coding skills or weird software. Just follow these simple steps to block any website you want.

How to block a website with hosts file.

    1. First, we need to locate hosts file on a drive. Generally, its path will be C:Windows\System32\drivers\etc. if your windows are installed in other than C Drive change the address accordingly.
    2. Open hosts file in notepad or any other suitable editing software(like brackets,notepad++). It should look like something below:
      block wwebsites without software
    3. Start writing in new line and after that the website you want to block. if you want to block multiple websites then you have to repeat this process for other websites. After typing websites it should look like below.
      block websites
    4. Now save hosts file in the same path. You have to be on an administrator account to do this change.
    5. Open browser check that you have successfully blocked that website. You can see this type of message in Google Chrome or any browser.
      Blocked Website
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Don’t make any unnecessary change in hosts file, it may lead to problem to your to device. So just do as stated.