Browse the internet at very high speed  (350+mbps)

we all hate that slow boring loading screen is’t we?

well, i have a solution for that if you want to surf the internet at high speed and, yes it is very simple steps to do that.

Requirements (recommended)

  • you will need at lest 1 Mbps internet connection,
  • I recommend you to use laptop or PC instead of mobile/tablet for the best experience.

Steps to get high-speed internet!

  • go to the
  • then click on chat now (big orange button) home page

    home page of

  • then you will be redirected to some suggestions but for now, click on the skip button for now (on the top right on desktop) skip

 now you will see and empty screen ! so find a box that says “insert URL or google search“.search url

  • so now write down your favourite website like
  • to know the speed of the internet you can simply go to the (make sure you are typing URL on that mirrored screen page) speed test

  • you can also register an account a data if you want to save some data on that server like browsing history, cookies, etc.

You can also use this high sped internet as

  • you can upload a file directly to the cloud storage without downloading on your computer

for example- you can download a video on rabbit computer and directly upload to your google drive, dropbox etc..

  • you can upload a video on youtube in a fraction of a second!
  • if you are leaving in some country and your country may have blocked some useful websites like Spotify, youtube etc .. here you can also unblock those all website ! because this serves are hosted in us, so this is act more like virtual VPN!

           I hope you get the idea!



Now do you want to know how works? have very large amount of Linux-based operating systems and all they are connected with the high-speed internet connection it is like a server.

so when you go to their site and click on chat now that means they will provide you a specific amount of storage about 850 MB and give you sufficient enough CPU power to run that browser and that browser screen appearing on your computer screen which called screen mirroring, so…

In short it do nothing but mirror the screen to your computer from their server.

it has nothing to do with your actual internet speed so you can not increase your internet speed via this method 😉

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