How to Change Password of Windows Without Knowing Current Password


Hello Guys! It’s Kavish, you know that User and Administrator password in widows are protecting your computer from any unauthorized access. So that chooses a strong password and safe your computer or system files from unauthorized access. But if you forget your windows login password, or want to change your password without knowing current one  ,then don’t worry , In this post I’m gonna tell about how to change windows login password with a some simple method, which you can do easily perform.


Method – 1

1 .Select “My computer” and press Right click on it and chose a “Manage” options. or Press Window+R Key and type compmgmt.msc in Run Box and hit enter.

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2. “Computer Management Windows” will open, and Select System Tools from Right window pane and after that Go to “Local Users and Group” and double click on it.

3. Now Click on “Users” and you will see all the login accounts of  your computer. And after that select your account.

4. After selecting your login Account press Right Click on it. And then choose “Set Password” option. After that one pop-up box will open and click on “Proceed”.

5. Enter the New Password and confirm them, then click on “OK” Button.

6. Now your login Password has been successfully changed. You can restart your system and check with your new password.

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Method – 2

  1. First of all go to windows start menu and type “cmd” in search box. Then select cmd and Run as Administrator.
  2. Now, After that type below command in cmd

net user %username%CapsTricks

Change CapsTricks to password of your choice.


Now, your password is successfully changed! Enjoy!

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