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Get Unlimited Gems, and Elixir in Clash of Clans

Hey guys! It’s Kavish from & we all know about the popularity of clash of clans and many people even from you maybe play it. Upgrading everything is quite a hard task. Many people (including me ) are hovering near TH8 and want to experience Troops available at higher Town halls like miner but are unable to. So, today i will be going to introduce you to two modded apk’s that will have some special features that may let you experience those troops\heroes\kings\buildings available. These apk’s will also have  Unlimited Gems, Elixir & Gold. There are 2 types of APKs avilable each with a unique feature of its own-

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Private server 1

  1. This one have Unlimited Gems & Resources but the Main thing in this Apk is Custom MODs like king pekka etc as you can see in the image below.




Download Link


If you get any problem related to private servers, please contact below. We will try to help ASAP.

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        1. Its a private server and having some problems we cant do any thing for it sorry but will inform you whenever we got any solution 🙂

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