USB OTG cable can be more useful than only connecting to the pen drive to the mobiles. You can do pretty much things with USB OTG (on the go) cable. USB OTG can expand our android smartphone’s functionality in so many ways.

  1. Connect mouse and keyboard

If you love to use physical keyboard than the touch one you can connect keyboard to            your android smartphone for typing. Also, mouse can be use just like we use in our PC.

otg keyboard

otg mouse

  1. Gaming Controller

If you cannot afford PS or Xbox this is useful for you. You can connect your gaming                controller to your phone by OTG cable and play games with it. You can play Asphalt 8,            Real     Racing, Modern Combat, Dead trigger and many more.

otg controller

  1. Printer

You can directly print any document from your smartphone by connecting printer through       OTG cable. Most of the brands have their apps to print documents and handle printer             directly from your android smartphone.

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otg printer

  1. Music Instruments

Also you can connect many musical instrument to your phone and can create Music with       MIDI controller apps.

otg piano

  1. Fingerprint Scanner

otg fingerprint scanner

  1. USB Dongle

We can use high speed internet on smartphone by connecting a USB dongle to our phone.

otg dongle

  1. DSLR Camera

Control your DSLR camera with our smartphone. Also it gives many manual settings.

otg dslr

  1. Charging transfer from one phone to another phone

You can transfer charging of one phone from to another by connecting mobile USB cable         to the OTG cable. Batttery will drain from the phone which is connected to OTG cable.

otg charge transfer

USB OTG is very revolutionary technology and we can use our most the PC accessories with our phone. Most of the users only use it for the pen drive but as we stated there are many useful things you can do.

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