Fortnite Battle Royale is taking the storm over the gaming world. It is 100 plater PvP game you can play in solo, duo or squad mode. It is survival game just like PUBG and Rules of Survival in which winner is team or player who survives by killing other players.

fortnite transfer to another pc

Still, Fortnite is so much different than PUBG because of its building mode. You can destroy anything in Fortnite battle royale and collect materials to use them later building racks and walls to defend yourself from other players.

Fortnite is a freemium game designed by Epic Games and it is available now for Mac, Windows, iOS, Playstations, and Xbox. iOS version of this game now invites only and Android game is yet to be released. Fornite is in early access mode now but its popularity is so much that you can see only this game on the popular page of Twitch.

Downloading Fortnite from the official website is super easy, you just have to sign up for epic games and you can download Epic Game Launcher which will download Fortnite for you. However, size if the game is about 10 GB so it needs high-speed internet to download it. If someone has already downloaded Fortnite on their PC you can transfer Fortnite to other PC by following below method:

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How to transfer/copy Fortnite to other pc

Fortnite saves all the game data in Program Files, just head over to Program Files (C:\Program Files\Epic Games) of PC where Fortnite is installed and copy the whole Fortnite folder. You will need administrator access to do this step. Now to copy Fortnite to other pc follow these steps.

  1. Go to Epic Games official website and sign up for Epic Games.
  2. Download Epic Games launcher for Fortnite from there.
  3. Install and Open Epic Games launcher.
  4. Try to install Fortnite and cancel it.
  5. Open the Fortnite folder (C:\Program Files\Epic Games) on your PC and delete anything that downloaded there.
  6. Resume download and it will bump up the download to 100% and will start to verify game.

After verifying is done, you can start playing Fortnite on your PC.

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Happy Fortniting