Create Wifi hotspot on PC with CMD

Wifi hotspot is very common now in smartphones to share internet usage across smartphones and laptops. Most of the smartphone have a direct option for the wifi hotspot but laptops don’t have that kind of feature directly enabled on their operating system.

If you have wired internet connection on your laptop, you can create a hotspot n laptop and connect your smartphone, TV and other devices to that wifi.

To make a hotspot on any laptop there is various third-party software is available which can create a hotspot in one click but you can also make it without any software and trust me it is too simple. Just follow steps below and make a hotspot on your laptop easily.

  1. Open Run (Windows + R).
  2. type cmd and hit enter, it will open a command prompt window.
  3. Type in netsh wlan show drivers, it will show your wifi network driver. Look for Hosted network support value is true or not. If that is not true you cannot create a hotspot on your laptop.
    hotspot drivers
  4. Now type netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Geekyfied key=password and hit enter. Geekyfied is wifi SSID name value of the key is password. You can put whatever you want in those fields. You will get a message that your hosted network created.
    hotspot bycmd
  5. To start the hotspot type in netsh wlan start hostednetwork and to stop the hotspot type netsh wlan stop hosted network.
    start hotspot and stop hotspot
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You’re almost done now! You can grab you mobile and scan for available Wifi networks and your hotspot name will show up there! You can connect with that using password but still, we have to give it internet access.

To give internet access to your hosted network open network connections menu from the control panel.

 Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connections

network access hosted network

You will find your Hotspot network and other connections in the network connections. Find the network from which you are using the internet and open properties of that network. In sharing menu allow internet connection sharing and choose your hotspot connection name.


Connect any device to your smartphone now and check for internet access, now you have internet access from your laptop to other devices.