As the years are passing by we are seeing the changes coming and evolving in every phase of our lives, when talking about the digitalized world, we shall not forget the fact that the four-walled phone that we all carry is like a be all of our lives. However, we always tend to forget about the safety of our lifesaver. Corning’s creation of the safety gorilla glass will take care of all the hassles that your phone screen has to go through daily, like laravel take care of your website.

What is actually a Gorilla Glass? | Corning Gorilla glass

It is a specially designed tough piece of thin glass that is covered on our phones to protect it from cracking or facing any kind of damage. Corning is a brand that has been designing this lifesaver guardian of our phones for a long time now and the popular protector is in its fifth generation now.

The gorilla glass is unique in its formation and hence, the glass is quintessentially designed and fabricated to be extremely thin, scratch resistant and tough to deal with heavy shocks so that your phone does not get injured in any which ways.

How is the gorilla glass so strong and scratch resistant? | Corning Gorilla glass

When we are talking about the strength and power of the Corning Gorilla Glass, we must know that on the first place the raw glass prepared for becoming a gorilla glass is immersed in the chemical named Proprietary.

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Then later, it is been immersed again in the mixture of Heated up molten alkaline potassium and salt – with ion exchange. After the completion, this solid structure takes its strength from within and turn out to be a glass with a surface that has the full proof strength to deal with heavy shocks, flaws, and damages, saving our beloved gadget, Phone.

Use of the Corning Gorilla Glass | Corning gorilla glass

The basic use of the Gorilla glass is to give protection to the screen of the mobile phones that we carry day and night these days.

It is like a thin layering of a sliced processed glass sheet, which helps the screen of our favorite portable devices that is been stick on the raw screens to have an extra layer of protection upon the phones and sometimes on the televisions, laptops, music pods, media players etc.

Where is the gorilla glass manufactured? | Corning Gorilla glass

The manufacturing of the Corning Gorilla Glass is been done in various countries of the world that have some big – shot names like the United States, Taiwan, Korea, Asan, Harrodsburg, and Kentucky.

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History of Gorilla Glass | Corning Gorilla Glass

The first experiment done by the world famous company of Corning was initiated in the year 1960, as the part of the Project Muscle. They designed a strengthened glass, which was named Muscled Glass. This product had captured the market until the late 1990s. It was used in the chemical Industrial applications, which was basically been used in industries like aviation, pharmaceutical, and even automotive industries.

Later in the year 2005, the experimentation was revived again and the challenge this time was to make a thin glass that caters to the use of protecting the immerging mobile phones, televisions etc.

The first commercial use after the success of experimentation was done by the brand Apple for it’s upcoming I phone, which needed protection on its screen for more brand value.

In a report of a survey in the month of October 2017, it has been made clear that the total number of devices that have been sold globally having gorilla glass from the house of Corning is somewhere around 5 billion pieces.

Development of the protecting glass | Corning gorilla glass

As the development of each and every particle of the world is a mandate hence, the company also has a boost in its values and love by the market. As each year passed by the development of the gorilla, glass grew as per the modernization in the smartphones and televisions.

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From its 1st generation to the 5th and now moving forward the Corning Gorilla glass has captured the market and has become a universal favorite for all the brands dealing in such devices.

The below-mentioned table is created to highlights the past and present versions of the Corning Gorilla Glass and when were they announced to the public –

version Announcement years
1st version February 2008
2nd version January 2012
3rd version January 2013
4th version November 2014
5th version July 2016
SR+ version August 2016


The world and its digitalization are growing day after day and what we have to take care about is the protection of what we do and how we deal with the gadgets that help us be digitalized and modernized. Corning has its amazing technology growing by each passing hour to make our devices strong and protected.

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