Facebook Event Photo Size 2017 – What is the correct size as of today?


In this article, you can know complete details about the Facebook event photo size. Facebook event is one of the best options to engage with like minded people. The event host can communicate the information very effectively to the participants. But what makes the first intuition more effective? As per Facebook, it happens to be a more relevant event photo. To be more precise, it is the Facebook event cover photo.

It is so simple to upload an event photo on Facebook. Start creating an event, it will be a cake walk to upload an event photo. But the trickiest part is choosing the attractive image. Even after creating a stunning Facebook event photo, the resolution of the photo matters a lot.

Most of the event designers fail here in choosing the required resolution. This is because Facebook event photo size changes from time to time.

The correct size of the new Facebook event cover photo is 1920 X 1080 pixels with 16:9 aspect ratio.

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Any Facebook event photo with lesser resolution will be adjusted in either way to fit the display. This implies that any image of lesser resolution than 1920 X 1080 pixels is likely to be enlarged. Hence the clarity will be reduced and peeling off the image will be certain. Let us see how it will be displayed in desktop and mobile news feed for your audience.

Facebook event photo size in desktop news feed

Keeping the advancement of mobile technologies aside, most of the people still tend to use Facebook on Desktop. It can be going through the news feed or texting with the dear ones. So it is highly unlikely to leave behind desktop audience. The Facebook event photo size for desktop is 500 X 262 pixels.

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Whatsoever may be the Facebook event image size you have uploaded, it will fit to this resolution of 500 X 262 px in the desktop news feed.

Facebook event photo size-Desktop
Facebook event photo size – Desktop Feed

Facebook event photo size in mobile news feed

Being the trending gadgets, smartphones users are no exception to using Facebook. In fact, the band of people using Facebook on a smartphone has seen a rapid increment. Hence it is better to be aware of the Facebook event photo size on mobile feed too. Thanks to DOM explorer of chrome for helping us to simulate iPhone news feed. Having said that, the visible Facebook event photo size on Mobile feed is 413 X 232 pixels.

Facebook event photo size - Mobile
Facebook event photo size – Mobile Feed

Tips to design amazing Facebook event photo with correct size

  1. Let most of your target audience happened to be using smartphones. For better engagement, choose an image of the size more than 826 X 464 pixels. This specified size is double the appeared image size on the mobile news feed. This size might not work for desktop feed.
  2. For desktop feed, the Facebook event photo size should be more than 1000 X 524 pixels. The same logic of doubling the feed size works here. This should bring a decent engagement with your audience.
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Final Thoughts

In short, the Facebook event banner size should be more than 826 X 464 pixels for mobile audience and more than 1000 X 524 pixels for the desktop audience. It is recommended that every time you should spend sufficient time in choosing the apt size of FB event photo size. But to be precise and responsive, always choose the new Facebook event cover photo size as 1920 X 1080 pixels with aspect ratio 16:9.

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