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Android play store has full of keyboard apps but it is a hard choice to which keyboard should we use? Last year Google released its keyboard Gboard which is simply awesome.It has everything which should be in any good keyboard. I bet you will never use any other keyboard after using Gboard. So, let’s find out what makes Gboard best Android keyboard on the play store.

Why is Gboard the best android keyboard?

  1. Glide Typing
    Many users know this feature, glide typing is typing by sliding a finger on all the letters of a word and it will type that word. It is pretty accurate and most useful when you have only one hand available for typing. Glide typing makes typing easier and faster.
  2. Voice typing
    Voice Typing feature in android for many years but most of the users stop using because of its troublesome mistakes and it is impractical when we are outside. Still, Gboard has best voice typing and it will most likely write error-free.
  3. Search and share anything from Google:
    Google search within a keyboard this makes Gboard different from all other keyboards. Many times while chatting or writing something we want to find out the meaning of a word for especially that task we need to open a browser and search on google. Gboard makes it easier with built-in search feature you just need to tap the Google logo and you can search whatever you want. Also, you can share that result with your friend if you are chatting. Awesome isn’t it?
  4. Emoji Search
    Sometimes we need a specific emoji and finding that emoji in a big pool of other emojis is tedious work. Thanks to Gboard you can search all the emojis whatever you want.
  5. GIFs
    GIFs are an awesome way to represent our feeling. Gboard is built in with GIF search engine so you can search GIF whatever you want and send to your friends.
  6. Google Translate
    Need to type a small portion in any other language and you don’t know that language. No need to open Google translate for this type of small work because you can do it in Gboard too.
  7. Multiple Language
    Gboard now supports multiple languages in a single keyword. You can as many languages you need and you can switch to any language by long pressing space button. Also, if you enabled multilingual typing it will suggest words in both languages which I found awesome.
  8. Themes
    I know there are a lot of customizable keyboards available in Play store but no other can stand to the Gboard in themes. There are the lot of colors available for your Gboard and also you can personalize your keyboard by inserting a photo of the keyboard. Let me show you a screenshot of my Gboard and you will surely say it is beautiful:
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Gboard the best android keyboard from google

You can download Gboard from here: Gboard on Play storeGboard on app store 

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