Install Viper4android on your device.


To all those music enthusiasts there, Harry from back with simple instructions on how to get Viper4Android on your rooted device. Viper4android is a well- known mod and without a doubt the best audio mod out there. Getting it on your phone ain’t a very difficult job. You just need a rooted device to get this awesome mod on your android phone/tablet.


  • A rooted device. If you aren’t rooted, Check our rooting guide here.
  • Busybox installed
  • SELINUX mode changer(Not required for all)

If you don’t have busybox , get from here.

SELINUX mode changer, get from here(First see if it works without this)

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  • Go to this link and get appropriate apk as per your android version.
  • Install busybox , if you still have not.


  • Open Viper4android , when you will open it for the first time. It will ask you to install drivers.


  • Click on Yes^ and if asked for root access , grant it. Viper4android will check your system and install appropriate drivers.
  • If you are unable to install, install SELINUX mode changer and change mode from Enforcing to Permissive.
  • After installing you will be asked to reboot(and do).
  • After rebooting open Viper4android app and click on the 3 dots at top right.Click on driver status.
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If the driver status  is normal, congratulations Viper4android has been successfully installed and if it is abnormal , please check the prerequisite again. If you still unable to install, comment below we will try to help ASAP.

After successfully installing , tweak your music the way you want, increase bass, whatever you like as per your taste. If you liked our work, please do share. And again if you facing any problem , comment below.

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