People say Google can find you anything you type into it and it is true most of the times. However, sometimes it happens that you have to search something and you don’t know how to search it properly to get desired results.

It is so frustrating when we could not find something on Google. It is that feeling when we know what we want but couldn’t get it. Thanks to Google advanced search commands your problem can be resolved very easily.

Once you start using advanced Google search commands you will know how specific and efficient you have become in the search game.


Let’s take an example what you can find with this commands, you read an article about artificial intelligence some time ago on Verge some time ago and you want to share that article with your friend but you did not save link of that article and it is useless to find article on that big pool of articles on website.

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You can find that article by this command in search “artificial intelligence” 

In this example, I used 2 Google advanced search commands, “site:website” will give me results from that specific website and it will find exact words I put in inverted commas.

 Google search commands Search result example
site:.(com, net, info, edu, etc…) (specific domain search) this command gives you result from a specific domain extension that contains your keyword if you want to see the results from only .net sites then use this keyword.  superman
info:(finds information about page) In this command you will get information about your search page.
filetype:(search to specific filetype or document) this command let you find specific files like .pdf .exe .rar .zip .ppt etc monster filetype:ppt
allintitle:(search specific keyword in page title) This command gives you only result that contains your keyword in title of the page/post. allintitle:”alien”
book(search your keyword from the book) This command let you find your keyword only from a book. book harry potter and the cursed child
safe search:(exclude adult content) This command will exclude the adult content like porn,  nudes, sexual content, etc… and gives you only informative content from your keyword. safesearch:breastfeeding
related:(gets related pages) In this command you will get related results from your page.
weather:(type local area town/city) To get information about weather for some specific area. weather:new york
inurl:(search keyword from only in URL) This command gives you only result that contains your keyword in URL page/post.
define:(search definition of your keyword) This command gives you the definition of your keyword. intext:capstricks
cache:(search domain) This command gives cache copy of the site that you last time visited.
word1 * word2(* will predict the missing word) This command will predict the missing word and gives you related result via replacing * into word. twinkle * little
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