Google I/O is the Christmas for the Android Enthusiast and every year people are going on crazy. We have often seen that Google Android developers are working hard to implement the new features in the all new Android O and yesterday night new beta of Android O was out. There are amazing features which you will love to hear it, and in today’s article, I will be telling you Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2.

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When it comes to finding the features of any new operating system then the first name comes is the XDA -Developers and they keep finding each and every feature, and this time in the new developer preview 2 the features are just amazing and you will love to hear more about it.

Google has optimized its software a lot, and you can quickly run the new Android O in the phones having 512 MB RAM and 1 GB RAM. This is the optimization, and there are some more other features which we will dive into it and learn about it.

Here’s Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

Yesterday, when I was reading the features of the all new Android O, and I have seen that the new Android O is optimized a lot such as Boot time is also double. Suppose the speed of the Android N is 100% then it been increased to 219% in the all new Android O.

Boot times matters a lot, and there are features of the Android O in which there are new notification badges and the newly redesigned settings are just amazing and the new quick settings <3 .

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The name is not final yet of Android O, so you need to wait for more time till the name is final. There are no changes in the new boot animation yet.

There are some new features in the all new pixel launcher, and we will be discussing more in this article so let’s dive into the features of the Android O.


  • Redesigned Quick Settings
  • Change Icon Shapes on Pixel Launcher
  • Widget Selection from Long-Pressing the Icon
  • Notification Dots on the Home Screen
  • Night Light Introduces Intensity Slider
  • Autofill Service is now Available
  • Enhanced Battery Management Options
  • New WiFi Preferences Screen and Network Rating Provider
  • New Developer Options
  • Redesigned Storage Settings
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#1 Redesigned Quick Settings

As we have seen the Android O Developer Preview 1 that there has been a lot of changes which are done in the quick settings page and there is a new theme of the status bar, which is Grey Scale theme. Now in the quick settings, you will see Carriers Name, Battery information, Settings and many other changes are done in the Android O.

There was no new significant change in the status bar since Android Lollipop, and now there are a lot of changes done in the Android O status bar.

There are the new icons of the status bar, and there are amazing animations, and the battery percentage is now outside the battery icons instead of inside the battery icon.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#2 Change Icon Shapes on Pixel Launcher

We have seen that the Round icons were available in the Android N and just for Pixel devices. We have also shared the way you can port it if you have Android 7.1.x

Now, in the new Pixel launcher, there are the settings in the Pixel launcher which will help you to change the icons. We have discussed this in the Android O Developer Preview 1 that new adaptive icons are coming soon in the new Android O. We have seen that there are new shapes of the icons such as Square icons, Rounded Corner Rectangle icons, Squircles, and Cylindrical icons.

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Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#3 Widget Selection from Long-Pressing the Icon

New Widgets selection is now available we have seen that in the Google Launcher and the Pixel Launcher when we press hold the home screen we see there is a widgets selection and now you can see the widget’s selection in the particular application.

Whenever you will Long-Press the application, you will see the widget’s selection of that application. This is time-saving and fast, and you will love it.

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Learn more and Install this launcher on your Android device. Install Developer Preview 2 Pixel Launcher on your device.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#4 Notification Dots on the Home Screen

Notification Dots are crazy and amazing whenever you will receive a new notification from any application such as Instagram you will get a notification in the app by long-pressing the application, and you will be able to look the notification from the application itself.

You don’t need to look at the status bar again and again. You can see more about this feature by looking at the above image. In which there is a new mail which is shown by long press on the home page.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#5 Night Light Introduces Intensity Slider

There was a new night light mode feature in the new Android N for Pixel and Pixel XL devices. Google removed it from the Nexus device. The new Night light mode is back again on all the Pixel and Pixel XL, and now it has the intensity slider you can select the color saturation according to your choice.

Remember this feature is not available for Nexus 5x and Nexus 6P because the hardware is not supported. Let’s see what is coming new in this features in the coming developer preview.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#6 Autofill Service is now Available

If you are using Android N then you might have seen some application which fills your email id and password automatically in some applications such as Twitter and it saves the time. This support is available for only some application. The Autofill service is now available for all the applications.

You can fill the password automatically by going to Settings –> System –> Languages & Input then expand the “Advanced” section you will now see the Autofill service under “Input assistance.”. You can select the autofill and add the application. We have seen currently it is supported for Google Play Services and it is in beta stage so we need to wait for some time.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#7 Enhanced Battery Management Options

As we have discussed in the previous article that Android O will save a lot of battery. The apps such as Facebook, Messenger and Hangout takes a lot of memory and does a lot of battery consumption so the new enhanced battery management options are given in the Android O so if you don’t like the application then you can turn off the background activity of that application.

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There are new options given in the Android O in which it shows how long ago your last full charge was, your screen usage since the last charge, and app usage since the last charge. These are some useful diagnostic which is available in the new Android O.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#8 New WiFi Preferences Screen and Network Rating Provider

There is a new WiFi Preferences Screen and Network Rating Provider in the all new Android O. In this we have seen that whenever you will be at home your WiFi will be turned on automatically. This feature was available in the Android o DP1.  Apart from all these options, there will be a new option in which your device will automatically connect to the open network.

The new option which is called as Network Rating Provider we don’t know yet what this option does exactly. We think there will be a rating of the network from Google. If the rating will be high those Wi-Fi will be connected automatically. This rating will be in Google Database.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#9 New Developer Options

Now, in the LineageOS we have seen that some of the developer options settings available in the quick settings and now it is official. You can toggle on “show layout bounds”, “profile GPU rendering”, “force RTL layout direction”, and “window animation scale.” Developers are excited about the profile GPU rendering tile. We need to wait for the more settings of the Android Developer Preview 2.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2

#10 Redesigned Storage Settings

Android O DP2 has totally redesigned the storage settings. Now you can see the progress bar which shows how much space is left on your device. The advance settings are been removed and smart storage settings are available at the settings home page.

Everything New In Android O Developer Preview 2


Source: XDA

We are looking for more features. We will update this post as soon as we find something new.


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