How to choose android app – Guide to choose perfect app for your need


One of the great things about being an Android user is that you are afforded a great variety of apps to choose and select from. No matter what your needs are, there is guaranteed to be an app that can suit the bill. As of  March 2017, there are an estimated 2.8 million apps on the Android play store and it is so confusing that How to choose android app.

How to choose android app

While on the one hand, it is certainly a good thing to have many choices, it can also pose certain challenges on the other. Having too many choices and alternatives, for example, has the potential of causing a situation where you have to sift through many titles and wonder which one to pick, especially when they are all virtually identical.

The good news is that you need not be inundated by the deluge of apps on Google Play. In fact, you need not feel obliged to go through each of them. By sporting a fixed mindset when it comes to choosing which apps to download, you can basically streamline the entire selection process. How do you go about this? Here are some ways.

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1.Identify your needs.

If there is one mistake many Android users commit, it is that they visit the Google Play store without any specific idea of what kind of app to download. Randomly surfing for apps in a place where there are millions of them is not only overwhelming, it is also a huge waste of time because you end up spending time for things you wouldn’t otherwise devote time to.

So even before logging on to the Android app store, have in mind what you want to go for. When you are certain of what apps you are looking for, the entire process becomes easier and more organized. Examples of specific needs are an app that allows for the placement of text on photos, an app that serves as your virtual organizer, an app that translates words and sentences into different languages, an app that streams music, or a game about pop culture trivia.

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2.Search by category.

The apps on Google Play are divided by category. This makes looking for a certain type of app much easier. As such, it would be best for you to utilize this feature so that you do not end up swimming in a sea of apps.

3.Read reviews by other users.

Each app on Google Play normally has a space to present reviews by users who have downloaded and tried using the aforesaid app. Here you will see what their impressions are about the app, what they liked about it, and conversely, what they hated about it.

Outside of Google Play, there are also other sites and forums where you can read user reviews of certain apps. Take time out to read such reviews so that you have a fair idea of what to expect once you install the app, should you decide to download it.

4. Decide if you want to spend for an app you like or go for the free ones.

How to choose android app

On Google Play, there are free apps and then there are paid ones. Most people would normally opt for the free ones, but then they would have to deal with ads in the process. If you find these ads flashy and distracting, you can always opt for premium apps that cost a few dollars but spare you from ads of any sort.

In sum, the vast selection of Android apps need not overwhelm you. By identifying your specific needs and being organized in searching, you will know How to choose android app that can help make your life better and more fun.

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