How to create and add your own subtitles In Movies.


Today we are here with a guide on how to create your own subtitles .Subtitles as most of us know  are the textual version of a film or television program’s dialogue that appears on screen which makes viewers easy to understand and visualize each character of a video. When you watch movies dubbed in some another language, then you need subtitles. These subtitles usually come with videos, but you can create subtitle of your choice for your favorite video. For this, have a look at the complete method discussed below.

How to create your subtitles on PC-

  • Go to your desktop.
  • Click on right mouse button then new> text document.
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  • There right your subtitle in the following format-


  • Subtitle number
  • Start time –> End time
  • Subtitle texts
  • Blank line

Subtitle Number: 1,2,3,4 (depends on how much lines you want to add)

Subtitle time —> End time: 00:00:19,000 –> 00:00:22,600 (Hour, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds)

Subtitle Texts: The text that you want to display in the video

Blank Line: To separate the text files.

For example:

00:00:15,000 -> 00:00:20,600
Hey, do you know how to make subtitles?

0:00:22,00 -> 00:00:25,000
yeah, check out They got a guide on this.

  • Once done, click  on save as in file tab.

  • There save it with whatever name you want but with .srt extension , select UTF – 8 as encoding and change text document to all documents.
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Just save the file and your subtitles are ready.

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