Google assistant is the best virtual assistant you can get on any device now. It can do incredible things by your voice commands like making shopping lists, playing music from spotify, making notes, reminders and much more.

Just a few days ago, Google announced support for the Hindi language for Google Assistant. That means you can now speak in Hindi with your google assistant. Other than Hindi and English Google Assistant supports 7 more languages.

The Hindi Google assistant is available on android 6.o (Marshmallow) and above. Later, it will be available to lollipop devices. India is a smartphone first country and Google is trying to do everything to increase usage of internet. Google earlier launched Hindi Google Assistant in its messaging platform Allo and it rolled over all over devices.

To enable Hindi Google assistant you first need to update Google app to the latest version. After updating your Google app follow these steps below to change the language of your assistance.

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How to enable Hindi Google Assistant

  1.  Open up Google assistant by long pressing the home button or say ‘ok google’.
  2. Tap on the blue button on top right.
  3. Tap menu (3 dots in the top right corner) and select settings.
  4. Under devices select phone or tablet.
  5. Select assistant settings, it will prompt you to change your device language.
  6. Add the Hindi language in device languages and reorder it to the top, the device will now switch to the Hindi language.
  7. Open Google assistant again and you can see it is changed to the Hindi language.

Hindi Google Assistant will sure help to lot people to make things easy on their smartphones. I used it for awhile and I did not face any problem to use it. It hears you perfectly and answers in Perfect Hindi that you can never imagine.

hindi google assistant

Bonus Tip: Just say Namaste to Google assistant and it will read out loud your day’s agenda. Share this post with your friends to let them know Google assistant is now available in Hindi.

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