How To Find Out Who’s Tracking You Through Your Android


Security should always be our top priority. With just a few short codes, you can get more information about your phone’s settings and work to see if your message and information are safe and track you. Whether or not it is
Top Trending Tech has collected the most useful and important codes for all the smartphones in an article, as well as those who are worried about being tracked with some instructions for those people.

With this code, you can find out whether your calls, messages, and other data are being transferred or not. The status of different types of deviation, the number of information being transferred will be displayed on your phone’s screen. This ceremony is established by the most jealous partners or parents who are trying to protect their children from spam or criminals. Elderly people often become victims of this practice, when they lend their phones to make a call to call a phone. If they do so, they also have the risk of having information about the criminals where they live, their friends and family, their habits and daily activity, and even their financial circumstances.

If you want to find out where the calls, messages, and data are being redirected, then dial such a code if it seems that no one can go through your medium. Chances are that in this case your voice call is being taken to one of your cellphone operator numbers.

This is a universal code to turn off all types of redirection from your phone. It is a good idea to use roaming before using it. In this case, the call will not be taken for calls from your account, which redirects to your voice mail by default.

With this code, you can find out your IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). If you know this number, then you can get your phone if someone stole it. When switched, its location is automatically given to the network operator even if a separate SIM card is inserted. If someone knows your IMEI number, then they can detect the model and technical characteristics of your phone.

There are special codes that allow anyone to track your location and determine if someone is following you or not. You need utility netmator for this. Type one of the following codes:

For iPhone: 3001#12345#
For Android: ##4636## or ##197328640##

Step 1 : Go to section called UMTS Cell Environment, then write all the numbers under UMTS RR information, and cell ID. These numbers are the basic stations located nearby. Your phone will connect to the default which emits the best signal.
Step 2 : Go back to the main menu and click on the MM Info tab, then save the PLMN. Write numbers under Local Area Code (LAC).
Step 3 : With the help of these two numbers and a simple website (the fourth tab on the left), you can set the location on the map of the original station connecting to your phone.

If you use Android, then you should periodically check your phone for viruses. Placeriders are the most dangerous that can infect your device. Developed by American experts, it was done to show how vulnerable our devices are, after reaching a phone, this Trojan takes a series of pictures of the surrounding area, making a 3D model of that building you do , And after that collects the data to collect data, it takes advantage of any internet connection, all data on this phone and your password.

  • In almost all countries, national security agencies now cooperate with cell phone operators, who often pre-date with any information from their clients, provided they have warrants from the court. At the minimum, they provide data from the last three months.
  • If your phone is tapped by a security agency, it is likely that you will not even notice. If a phone makes awkward sound during the conversation, the battery’s battery is swiftly, overwhelming, or unexpectedly restarted, it is only an indication that you do not need to hear it, but to let you know You need to hear that you are listening.
  • People generally do not show much in the phone conversation, so that in somebody’s home special devices (“insects” radio wave detectors can be used to find out if such bug exists in a building Are or Not?

  • Use the messaging app that is completely closed to outsiders, such as telegrams, cheers, wickers, or signals
    Determine what information is safe to make everyone accessible? Will all people really be able to find their phone number or access information about your family, loved ones or your lifestyle? Be very careful when posting photos of children.
  • Do not install unknown programs on your phone, keep an eye out for the apps you have installed and use several security locks wherever you can. Do not click on unsafe links, and do not connect your phone to the suspicious “free” charging digit.
  • Only your cell phone operator should offer you the tracking services, and they should only be activated with your explicit contract. Websites and applications that offer to locate the location of other people will definitely act with a criminal intention. Are there. Be careful!

Based on materials from pikabu, droidgeek

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